Top 10 Postcode Sectors for Bike Theft

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We have just run the update for May 2013 and are currently debugging a few issues before we go ahead with June and then July. But I have for some time been fascinated by the crime of Bike Theft. We put it to the Home Office to include this as a sector 2 years ago and are glad to see that since May they have included it. Last year, we also entered the ONS Geovation competition to win sponsorship money to build an anti-bike theft app. In fact, I event went to visit a major bike retailer to drum up some support but alas, none was forthcoming. Anyway, one month’s data doesn’t tell you everything. It takes time to build up a picture, but to give you a taster, here are the top 10 Postcode Sectors for Bike Theft in May 2013 and the number of reported bikes stolen.

W9 4 108
OX4 1 41
OX1 3 30
OX1 4 29
CB5 8 22
CB1 2 20
MK40 3 19
PO1 1 18
PO1 2 18
CO1 1 17

Oxford and Cambridge you’d have to expect. But the real surprise to me was Maida Vale, W9 4 coming in at number 1 across England and Wales – 2.5 times worse than the worst area in Oxford.


Crime by LSOA – now publicly available on UKCrimeStats

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Take a look at our new Crime by LSOA page – that’s Lower Layer Super Output Area. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive resource.

We’ve actually had this data for some time and we have all the historical data going back to December 2010. All the LSOA individual pages are free to view. If you want to run reports and export, this requires a pad-for login at just £9.99 a non-recurring month. So if you try to run a report, it will just take you through to the membership section.


UKCrimeStats now updated to April 2013 – Postcode Sectors and Districts now free to view

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More upgrades coming through as well !

Thankyou for all your support. As always, any questions please email us on



September 2012 data now live on UKCrimeStats

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and as you would expect with temperatures dropping and nights getting longer, we have seen a fall across England and Wales on aggregate of around 10% from August to September.


Crime in Essex – some hard numbers – as presented on BBC Essex today

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This morning I was invited onto Dave Monk’s Programme BBC Radio Essex  at 10.10 a.m. to talk briefly about UKCrimeStats and crime in Essex compared to the rest of the country. I explained where we got the data from, what the ASB categories were, talked generally about crime data and put Essex in a national context.

I ran some reports looking at crime rate over the last 12 months for all 43 Police Forces. The combined ASB and crime rate per 1000 residents in Essex came in at 100.3547 which gave Essex a middle ranking range of 25 out of 43. Where there was real difference of course was in the breakdown – it had the 6th highest vehicle crime rate, the 11th highest robbery rate and 35th lowest ASB rate. If you’ll forgive the plug, you can get all of these with a login on our site which only costs £9.99 a month.

I came on straight after a spokesman from the Green Party who didn’t agree with elected PCCs and so announced that they would be not be putting up a candidate, not least because of the £5000 deposit per candidate. I have much sympathy with the latter point – £5000 is certainly too high and a barrier to entry. And yet, it is a flawed argument to say that because turnout will be low the solution is to revert to even less democracy with a committee of unelected officials. Nor is it somehow wrong that politicians get involved. There is nothing much more politically valuable than the democratic oversight of how resources are allocated to fight crime and to boot them out if people think they have not done a good enough job.  It’s a bit short-sighted of the Green Party as well to be so dismissive of this when there is ample scope for research into the relationship between the pollution of neurotoxins and crime. Crime or the lack of it is quite intricately linked to the environment.

For all that, where I have found the elections thus far a disappointment is the absence of data in the debate by PCCs – and we will be doing something about this very soon.



August 2012 data now live on UKCrimeStats

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We have also introduced a new feature for our members – it is now possible to drill down and ask within a selected Police Force or municipality, which neighbourhood hood or subdivision had the biggest, least, total or increase or decrease in this that or the other type of crime between time point A and B.

I ran it for the Metropolitan Police for the last month and was staggered to see the biggest increase was in the neighbourhood of Pembridge – from at total combined ASB and Crime of 132 in July 2012 to 318 in August 2012 driven mostly by  the categories of”Drugs” and “Other Crime”. I’ve double-checked the data though and this is clearly what it says.


Why I support elected PCCs – in a nutshell

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Here goes;

There seems to be a sizeable difference of opinion between what the general public think the Police can achieve and what the Police think the general public actually want.  Elected PCCs should go some way to closing that gap. But this new system will take time to bed down. As political wags will tell you, the first test of a democratic society is not the first election, but the second and it’s just the same with these new elected officials. We will need a good 10 years of PCCs in order to tell how successful they have been.

And expect some failures as well as successes – which it what happens with democracy.


UKCrimeStats upgrade – now all wards matched to all Municipal authorities

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Following on from a suggestion by one of our members and thanks to our dedicated team of programmers, we have recently invested in making sure that all wards – the smallest electoral division – are matched to the relevant County Council, London Borough,  Metropolitan Council etc. This was actually harder to do that it sounds !

We have also included a full listing of all wards under the relevant local authority – e.g. Leeds City Council which has 33 wards and makes comparisons easier. With membership, you can now export as csv files all the wards and their underlying crime data in a time series matched with the names of the authorities.





UKCrimeStats now updated to July 2012

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So a good moment to join. Membership starting at GBP 9.99 a month – for a full list of benefits see here.


My memo to the Crime and Justice Transparency Sector Panel

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Last March 13th, I gave a presentation to the above panel about the issues we were experiencing with crime data provision – so for your interest here it is. I’m still waiting to see the minutes of that meeting which are still not posted up on the website – well nobody said government was fast !

In the meantime, finally got round to releasing the March 2012 figures yesterday evening 6 days late – with no ready explanation for developers as usual. We are working on the update now and will have it ready for you in a few days. What I can reveal is that we are showing a total of 538,534 crimes and ASB incidents for March 2012 compared to 463,241 for February.