Peabody Trust

Community Benefit Society (Corporate Body)
45 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7JB
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2022-11-24Flat 101, Ardens Building, 7 Wyke Road, London (E3 2ZQ)E32ZQ£338,772Leasehold
2022-11-24Flat 601, Ardens Building, 7 Wyke Road, London (E3 2ZQ)E32ZQ£595,059Leasehold
2022-11-24Flat 204, Ardens Building, 7 Wyke Road, London (E3 2ZQ)E32ZQ£292,637Leasehold
2022-11-24Flat 201, Ardens Building, 7 Wyke Road, London (E3 2ZQ)E32ZQ£191,209Leasehold
2022-11-24Flat 109, Arden Building, 7 Wyke Road, London (E3 2ZQ)E32ZQ£336,897Leasehold
2022-10-201 to 98, Crest Buildings, 37 Wharf Road, London (N1 7GY)N17GY£4,418,691Freehold
2022-10-11Barnwell House, 14-17 St Giles Road, (SE5 7RP)SE57RP£2,800,000Freehold
2022-09-0189 Wolvercote Road, London (SE2 9TG)SE29TG£252,500Freehold
2022-08-11Flat 4, Trafalgar House, St Michaels Lane, Braintree (CM7 1EY)CM71EY?Freehold
2022-07-28land at Violet Road, London£21,955,850Freehold
2022-07-138 Hinksey Path, London (SE2 9TB)SE29TB£225,000Freehold
2022-05-1815 Thames Reach, London (SE28 0NY)SE280NY£629,456Leasehold
2022-05-1666 to 76 (even) The Chase, 2 to 24 (even) Gumley Road and 6 to 12 (even) Gumley Close, Grays?Freehold
2022-05-16Land on the west side of Braiswick Place, Laindon, Basildon?Freehold
2022-05-1632 Gumley Road and 20 to 52 (even) Gumley Close, Grays£321,000Freehold
2022-05-161 to 43 (inclusive) Thistledown Court, Basildon, (SS14 1LP)SS141LP?Freehold
2022-05-1620 College Lane, Basildon (SS15 6GS) and 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 Harrow House, School Avenue, Basildon (SS15 6GN)SS156GS?Leasehold
2022-05-16plots 88-111 (inclusive) and plots 118-129 (inclusive) Watts Wood Park, North Road, Purfleet?Freehold
2022-05-16Land on the south side of King Edward Road, Basildon?Freehold
2022-05-16Willow Court, Market Avenue, Wickford?Freehold
2022-05-161 to 12 (inclusive) and 14 to 21 (inclusive) Cavendish Court, 1 to 8 (inclusive) Wren Court, 1 to 6 (inclusive) Bewick Court, 1 to 12 (inclusive), 14, 15, and 16 Butterfield Court and 1 to 12 (inclusive) Faraday Court, Bessemer Close, Basildon?Freehold
2022-05-1332 King Stephen Road, Colchester (CO1 2DS)CO12DS?Freehold
2022-05-13Land on the south-west side of Tabor Avenue, Braintree?Freehold
2022-05-1375 Shepeshall, Basildon (SS15 5EJ)SS155EJ?Freehold
2022-05-131 to 4 Ferguson Close, Radwinter Road, Saffron Walden (CB11 3HY)CB113HY?Freehold
2022-05-13124 Travers Way, Basildon (SS13 3LY)SS133LY£118,000Freehold
2022-05-13Land on the north side of Abbots Road, Colchester?Freehold
2022-05-1335 Chittock Mead, Basildon (SS14 1RW)SS141RW£132,000Freehold
2022-05-1319 Lobelia Mews, Basildon (SS15 5ZA)SS155ZA?Freehold
2022-05-13the ground floor flat being 119 Chestnut Road, Pitsea, Basildon (SS16 4TD)SS164TD?Leasehold
2022-05-13135 Chestnut Road, Vange, Basildon (SS16 4TD)SS164TD?Leasehold
2022-05-1328-46 (evens) Gumley Close, 2-24 (evens) Gumley Road and 58-63 (odds) The Chase, West Thurrock, Grays?Leasehold
2022-05-13Third Floor Office Suite, Pembroke House, Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 3DX)SS133DX?Leasehold
2022-05-13Basement, Ground, First, Second and Third Floors, Pembroke House, 11 Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Basildon?Leasehold
2022-05-13First Floor, Blocks B and C, Pembroke House, 11 Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Basildon?Leasehold
2022-05-13Second Floor, Pembroke House, 11 Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Basildon?Leasehold
2022-05-13First Floor, Pembroke House, 11 Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Basildon?Leasehold
2022-05-13Land adjoining Gala Club, High Road, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 3AR)SS133AR?Leasehold
2022-05-13220 Somercotes, Laindon, Basildon (SS15 5UD)SS155UD?Freehold
2022-05-132 to 26 (even) Springham Drive, Colchester (CO4 5FN)CO45FN?Freehold
2022-05-1327 Malgraves Place, Basildon (SS13 3PY)SS133PY?Freehold
2022-05-1332 Artillery Street, Colchester (CO1 2JL)CO12JL?Freehold
2022-05-1397 Lincoln Road, Basildon (SS14 3RA)SS143RA£105,000Freehold
2022-05-13153 Butneys, Basildon (SS14 2DR)SS142DR£87,000Leasehold
2022-05-13217 Rectory Road, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 1AJ)SS131AJ?Freehold
2022-05-1359 Vange Hill Drive, Basildon (SS16 4DB)SS164DB£127,000Freehold
2022-05-136 Southview Road, Vange, Basildon (SS16 4ET)SS164ET£132,000Freehold
2022-05-13Inglenook, Epping Road, Nazeing, Waltham Abbey (EN9 2DH)EN92DH£460,000Freehold
2022-05-1373 Claudian Way, Chadwell St Mary, Grays (RM16 4QU)RM164QU£70,000Freehold
2022-05-13168 The Knares, Basildon (SS16 5SS)SS165SS£134,000Freehold
2022-05-135 Buckerills, Basildon (SS13 3EP)SS133EP?Leasehold
2022-05-1352 Methersgate, Basildon (SS14 2LT)SS142LT£120,000Freehold
2022-05-134 Cleveden House, Broadlands, Benfleet and garage (SS7 3BD)SS73BD£108,000Leasehold
2022-05-1360 Artillery Street, Colchester (CO1 2JQ)CO12JQ?Freehold
2022-05-1310 Ashdown House, Avington Walk, Benfleet and garage (SS7 3PH)SS73PH£111,000Leasehold
2022-05-1328 Yardeley, Basildon (SS15 5DQ)SS155DQ?Freehold
2022-05-1333 Merstham Drive, Clacton-On-Sea (CO16 8FW)CO168FW£23,500Leasehold
2022-05-1325 Byfletts, Basildon (SS16 4LQ)SS164LQ£93,000Freehold
2022-05-13Wendy Glen, Recreation Avenue, Corringham, Stanford-Le-Hope (SS17 9BZ)SS179BZ£127,000Freehold
2022-05-1332 Wimbish End, Basildon (SS13 3PD)SS133PD?Freehold
2022-05-1324 Merstham Drive, Clacton-On-Sea (CO16 8FW)CO168FW?Freehold
2022-05-1320 Colne Bank Avenue, Colchester (CO1 1SJ)CO11SJ?Freehold
2022-05-1337 St Albans Road, Colchester (CO3 3JQ)CO33JQ?Freehold
2022-05-1338 Harwich Road, Colchester (CO4 3BW)CO43BW?Freehold
2022-05-13Flat 4A, Fairfax Road, Colchester (CO2 7EW)CO27EW?Leasehold
2022-05-1331 to 83 (odd) St James Road, Braintree?Freehold
2022-05-1320 Butneys Ghyllgrove and storage shed£84,000Leasehold
2022-05-1349 Butneys, Basildon and storage shed (SS14 2DJ)SS142DJ?Leasehold
2022-05-13College House, High Street, Braintree (CM7 1JS)CM71JS?Freehold
2022-05-1351 Elderberry Gardens, Witham and parking space (CM8 2PT)CM82PT£35,500Leasehold
2022-05-1365 Elderberry Gardens, Witham and parking space (CM8 2PY)CM82PY£26,250Leasehold
2022-05-13106 Walthams, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 3PN)SS133PN?Freehold
2022-05-1385 Hollands Walk, Basildon (SS16 4QB)SS164QB?Leasehold
2022-05-13229 Great Knightleys, Basildon and Storage Shed, (SS15 5ED)SS155ED?Leasehold
2022-05-1362 Stokefelde, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 1NJ)SS131NJ?Freehold
2022-05-1339 Wayletts, Basildon (SS16 6RN)SS166RN?Leasehold
2022-05-1339 Dengayne, Basildon (SS14 1QG)SS141QG£138,000Freehold
2022-05-1340 Holly Walk, Witham and brick store (CM8 2PN)CM82PN?Leasehold
2022-05-1370 Maltings Court, Maltings Lane, Witham and parking space (CM8 1XG)CM81XG£28,000Leasehold
2022-05-131 Mistley Side, Basildon and storage shed, (SS16 4AP)SS164AP£76,000Leasehold
2022-05-13137 Elderberry Gardens, Witham and parking space (CM8 2PY)CM82PY£24,000Leasehold
2022-05-13277 Whitmore Way, Basildon (SS14 2PG)SS142PG£128,000Freehold
2022-05-1344 Roberts Road, Basildon (SS15 6AY)SS156AY?Leasehold
2022-05-13Flat 8, Firs Court, Kent View Road, Basildon and garden ground (SS16 4JS)SS164JS?Leasehold
2022-05-1313a Cypress Road, Witham (CM8 2SR)CM82SR£33,000Leasehold
2022-05-1339 South Street, Colchester (CO2 7BJ)CO27BJ£28,000Leasehold
2022-05-13Flat 4, Firs Court, Kent View Road, Basildon and garden ground (SS16 4JS)SS164JS£87,000Leasehold
2022-05-1386 Abbott's Road, Colchester?Freehold
2022-05-1324 to 26 Mersea Road, Colchester (CO2 7ET)CO27ET£135,000Freehold
2022-05-137, 11 and 13 Nunns Road, Colchester (CO1 1EJ)CO11EJ?Freehold
2022-05-13Faraday House, Cavalry Road, Colchester (CO2 7AW)CO27AW?Freehold
2022-05-13178 Little Lullaway, Basildon (SS15 5JD)SS155JD£78,500Leasehold
2022-05-136 Ashfields, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 1HX)SS131HX?Freehold
2022-05-1360 South Street, Colchester (CO2 7BL)CO27BL?Freehold
2022-05-1345 Eastbrooks Place, Pitsea, Basildon (SS13 3QR)SS133QR?Freehold
2022-05-1322 Crosse Courts, Laindon, Basildon (SS15 5JE)SS155JE?Leasehold
2022-05-1350 Maycroft Avenue, Grays (RM17 6AN)RM176AN?Freehold
2022-05-131 to 7 (inc) Tate House, Tate Close, Basildon (SS15 5BE)SS155BE?Freehold
2022-05-137-17 (odd) Victoria Road, Stanford-le-Hope?Freehold
2022-05-1311 Thorrington Cross, Basildon (SS14 1LB)SS141LB£130,000Freehold