The Sheffield City Council

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The Town Hall, Sheffield, S1 2HH
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2023-01-03Land on the south-east side of Sheaf Street, Sheffield?Freehold
2022-12-021 Havelock Street, Sheffield (S10 2FP)S102FP?Leasehold
2022-10-1210 Bowshaw View, Sheffield (S8 8FE)S88FE£73,000Freehold
2022-09-2720 Masters Road, Sheffield (S5 7SL)S57SL£121,000Freehold
2022-08-2374 Jaunty Lane, Sheffield (S12 3DN)S123DN£63,000Leasehold
2022-08-0916 Cammell Road, Sheffield (S5 6UU)S56UU£98,400Leasehold
2022-07-1441 Cottam Road, High Green, Sheffield (S35 4GN)S354GN£54,000Leasehold
2022-06-3042 Masters Crescent, Sheffield (S5 7SR)S57SR£117,500Freehold
2022-06-28land on the North West side of Newman Road, Wincobank?Freehold
2022-06-1626 School Road, High Green, Sheffield (S35 3JH)S353JH£122,000Freehold
2022-06-07land on the south-west side of 1 Baxter Road, Sheffield (S6 1JF)S61JF?Freehold
2022-05-1150 Adkins Road, Sheffield (S5 8TG)S58TG£110,000Freehold
2022-04-19275 Batemoor Road, Sheffield (S8 8FH)S88FH£67,500Freehold
2022-03-1515 Hawkshead Road, Sheffield (S4 8BB)S48BB£65,000Freehold
2022-03-013 Fleury Rise, Sheffield (S14 1QT)S141QT£75,000Freehold
2022-02-1883 Kilvington Road, Sheffield (S13 8AJ)S138AJ£108,375Freehold
2022-02-03174 Lindsay Avenue, Sheffield (S5 7SG)S57SG£125,000Freehold
2022-01-2715 Musgrave Drive, Sheffield (S5 7DP)S57DP£78,000Freehold
2022-01-2015 Teynham Drive, Sheffield (S5 8TS)S58TS£85,000Freehold
2021-11-25146 Musgrave Road, Sheffield (S5 8WR)S58WR£74,000Freehold
2021-10-2064 Southey Drive, Sheffield (S5 7NT)S57NT£85,000Freehold
2021-10-1919 Badger Drive, Sheffield (S13 7TH)S137TH£81,000Freehold
2021-10-13171 Fishponds Road West, Sheffield (S13 8EE)S138EE£100,000Freehold
2021-10-07151 Blackstock Road, Sheffield (S14 1FX)S141FX£27,500Freehold
2021-10-07The John O'Gaunt, Blackstock Road, Sheffield (S14 1FX)S141FX£267,000Leasehold
2021-10-0118 Bowden Wood Avenue, Sheffield (S9 4EF)S94EF£125,500Freehold
2021-09-213 Barrie Drive, Sheffield (S5 8RQ)S58RQ£92,500Freehold
2021-09-10173 Bracken Road, Sheffield (S5 6FJ)S56FJ£98,000Freehold
2021-08-2455 Deerlands Close, Sheffield (S5 8AE)S58AE£141,000Freehold
2021-07-05280 Southey Green Road, Stannington, Sheffield (S5 7QA)S57QA£89,400Freehold
2021-06-2172 Pickard Drive, Sheffield (S13 8EX)S138EX£94,000Leasehold
2021-06-046 Overend Way, Sheffield (S14 1JF)S141JF£63,000Freehold
2021-06-039 Tithe Barn Close, Sheffield (S13 7LJ)S137LJ£119,000Freehold
2021-05-06land lying to the west of Hazlebarrow Road, Sheffield?Freehold
2021-04-2943 Lindsay Avenue, Sheffield (S5 7SA)S57SA£87,500Freehold
2021-04-1510 Powley Road, Sheffield (S6 1DD)S61DD£96,000Freehold
2021-03-308 Marples Close, Sheffield (S8 0YQ)S80YQ£120,000Freehold
2021-03-29163&179, 167&183 and 175&191 Blackstock Road, Sheffield (S14 1FX)S141FX£14,000Leasehold
2021-03-0514-20 (even), Judd Close, Halfway, Sheffield (S20 4AE)S204AE£217,634Freehold
2021-02-12131 Bracken Road, Sheffield (S5 6FG)S56FG£98,000Freehold
2021-02-0854 Edenhall Road, Sheffield (S2 2LE)S22LE£89,500Freehold
2021-01-2912 Reney Walk, Sheffield (S8 7FU)S87FU£99,700Freehold
2021-01-2975 Algar Road, Sheffield (S2 2JL)S22JL£71,000Freehold
2021-01-2989 Doe Royd Lane, Sheffield (S5 8GJ)S58GJ£93,000Freehold
2020-12-0747 Collinson Road, Sheffield (S5 8DP)S58DP£82,000Freehold
2020-10-2035 Ironside Place, Sheffield (S14 1FD)S141FD£71,000Freehold
2020-09-17104 Gaunt Road, Sheffield (S14 1GG)S141GG£73,000Freehold
2020-09-1727 Ironside Place, Sheffield (S14 1FD)S141FD£68,000Freehold
2020-09-024 Carter Grange, 2 Nicholson Place, Heeley, Sheffield (S8 9ST)S89ST£72,000Leasehold
2020-08-2734 Boynton Crescent, Sheffield (S5 7HH)S57HH£62,000Freehold
2020-08-2725 Canada Street, Sheffield (S4 7SS)S47SS£60,900Freehold
2020-08-2689 Edward Street Flats, Sheffield (S3 7GH)S37GH£98,000Leasehold
2020-07-2869 Meynell Road, Sheffield (S5 8GL)S58GL£94,800Freehold
2020-07-2816 Brimmesfield Drive, Sheffield (S2 2NA)S22NA£65,000Freehold
2020-07-2118 Westcroft Grove, Westfield (S20 8EE)S208EE£85,000Freehold
2020-07-2117 Bressingham Close, Sheffield (S4 7HP)S47HP£80,000Freehold
2020-07-2017 Lindsay Drive, Sheffield (S5 7WH)S57WH£92,900Freehold
2020-06-3010 Thorpe Green, Sheffield, (S20 7HH)S207HH£97,800Freehold
2020-06-30304 Bellhouse Road, Firth Park, Sheffield (S5 0RE)S50RE£60,000Leasehold
2020-05-285 Carwood Grove, Sheffield (S4 7FE)S47FE£65,000Freehold
2020-05-2810 Cotleigh Crescent, Sheffield (S12 4HS)S124HS£119,000Freehold
2020-05-2674 Beaver Hill Road, Sheffield (S13 7UD)S137UD£70,000Freehold
2020-03-24Land on the south-west side of Coleridge Road, Sheffield?Freehold
2020-03-1639 Orchard Lane, Beighton, Sheffield, (S20 1EW)S201EW£80,000Freehold
2020-03-16482 to 506 (inclusive) London Road, Sheffield, (S2 4HP)S24HP£136,500Freehold
2020-03-1642 Calvert Road, Sheffield (S9 5EU)S95EU£74,000Freehold
2020-03-163 Gervase Place, Sheffield (S8 7PP)S87PP£98,000Freehold
2020-03-16Land and Buildings forming part of 39 Orchard Lane, Beighton£80,000Freehold
2020-03-12635 Wordsworth Avenue, Sheffield (S5 9JL)S59JL£72,000Freehold
2020-03-0350 Spring Close View, Sheffield (S14 1RF)S141RF£49,000Leasehold
2020-02-2842 Kyle Crescent, Sheffield (S5 8HQ)S58HQ£85,000Freehold
2020-01-2914 Rainbow Place, Hackenthorpe (S12 4BD)S124BD£80,000Freehold
2020-01-0716 Spotswood Close, Sheffield (S14 1LF)S141LF£74,000Freehold
2020-01-066 Norgreave Way, Halfway (S20 4TN)S204TN£85,000Freehold
2019-12-129 Emerson Crescent, Sheffield (S5 7ST)S57ST£67,000Freehold
2019-12-0611 Annat Place, High Green, Sheffield (S35 4PN)S354PN£84,000Freehold
2019-12-049 Bankwood Road, Gleadless, (S14 1LT)S141LT£81,800Freehold
2019-11-285 North Quadrant, Sheffield (S5 6NR)S56NR£76,500Freehold
2019-11-07128 Cowper Crescent, Sheffield (S6 1AX)S61AX£51,000Leasehold
2019-11-0170 Palgrave Road, Parson Cross, Sheffield (S5 8GT)S58GT£78,000Freehold
2019-10-28106 Barrow Road, Wincobank, Sheffield (S9 1LB)S91LB£57,000Freehold
2019-10-171 Garland Way, Westfield, (S20 8JB)S208JB£74,000Freehold
2019-10-0930 Addison Road, Sheffield (S5 6WF)S56WF£70,000Leasehold
2019-10-0944 Lupton Road, Sheffield (S8 7NG)S87NG£79,000Freehold
2019-10-0319 Foxwood Avenue, Sheffield (S12 2FH)S122FH£81,700Freehold
2019-10-0120 Westland Grove, Westfield, Sheffield (S20 8EU)S208EU£90,000Freehold
2019-09-2618 Southey Close, Sheffield (S5 7LR)S57LR£69,000Freehold
2019-09-18land lying to the east of Parkwood Road, Sheffield?Freehold
2019-09-05Land at Vale Road, Pickering Road, Wallace Road and Douglas Road, Sheffield?Freehold
2019-09-02Land lying to the east of Neepsend Industrial Estate, Parkwood Road, Sheffield (S3 8AG)S38AG?Freehold
2019-08-22176 Rosemary Road, Beighton, Sheffield (S20 1DA)S201DA£105,000Freehold
2019-08-218 Scraith Wood Drive, Sheffield (S5 8TH)S58TH£80,000Freehold
2019-08-1942 Deerlands Avenue, Sheffield (S5 7WP)S57WP£58,480Freehold
2019-08-1647 Pollard Crescent, Sheffield (S5 8QE)S58QE£69,000Freehold
2019-07-26136 Southey Green Road, Sheffield (S5 8HA)S58HA£72,500Freehold
2019-07-17118 Swanbourne Road, Sheffield (S5 7TQ)S57TQ£65,000Freehold
2019-07-17305 Blackstock Road, Sheffield (S14 1FZ)S141FZ£88,000Freehold
2019-07-0128 Grimsell Crescent, Sheffield (S6 1AJ)S61AJ£85,000Freehold
2019-06-262 Sharrard Close, Sheffield (S12 2FA)S122FA£70,000Freehold
2019-06-26229 Badger Road, Sheffield (S13 7TS)S137TS£48,000Freehold