Wallace Estates Limited

Limited Company or Public Limited Company
Botanic House, 100 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1PH
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2021-11-17Parking spaces lying to the south of Idaho Walk, Washington Drive, Great Sankey, Warrington?Freehold
2021-09-143, 4 and 5 Legge Lane, Birmingham (B1 3LD)B13LD?Freehold
2020-05-15land at 23-43 (odd), Ifield Road, Crawley (RH11 7PD)RH117PD£1,125,000Freehold
2019-10-311 to 12 and 14 to 35 (inclusive), Windsor Court, Portland Crescent, Marlow (SL7 2FS)SL72FS£327,050Freehold
2019-05-2860 Pentire Avenue, Newquay (TR7 1PE)TR71PE?Freehold
2019-05-28Land on the north side of 58 Pentire Avenue, Newquay (TR7 1PD)TR71PD?Freehold
2019-05-28Land adjoining Pentire Hotel, Pentire Avenue, Newquay (TR7 1TT)TR71TT?Freehold
2018-08-2054 Cornwall Avenue, Tyldesley, Manchester (M29 8LT)M298LT?Freehold
2018-07-09Prosperity House, Gower Street, Derby (DE1 1SB)DE11SB£1,066,500Freehold
2018-07-061 to 96 (inc), Bentley Court, Parkwood Rise, Keighley (BD21 4RG)BD214RG£641,250Freehold
2018-02-2312 Gwynant Crescent, Cardiff (CF23 6LT)CF236LT?Freehold
2017-10-061-12 (inclusive), 14-17 (inclusive) and 21-36 (inclusive) Buckden Court, 1 Jackson Walk, Menston, Ilkley (LS29 6AJ)LS296AJ?Freehold
2017-10-061-12 (inclusive) and 14-16 (inclusive) Barden House, 2 Norwood Drive, 2, 3, 9, 10, 12 and 14-16 (inclusive) Appleton Court, 4 Norwood Drive, 1-7 (inclusive) Deepdale, 9 Norwood Drive, 4-6 (inclusive) and 8-11 (inclusive) Cotterdale Court, 6 Clifford Drive and 1 and 2 Grassington Mews, Menston, Ilkley?Freehold
2017-10-061-4 Chapel Place, Shoeburyness, Southend-On-Sea (SS3 9QU)SS39QU?Freehold
2017-10-06183 Lower Richmond Road, Richmond (TW9 4LN)TW94LN£115,000Freehold
2017-10-061-6 (inclusive) Regal Way, Stoke-On-Trent (ST1 3GD), 1 to 23 (odd) Norville Drive, Stoke-on-Trent (ST1 3GE), 1, 3 and 5 Crownford Avenue, Stoke on Trent (ST1 3GY) and 41, 43 and 45 Kiln View, Stoke on Trent (ST1 3GA)ST13GD£120,600Freehold
2017-10-0623-39 (odd) and 52-70 (even), Kiln View, Stoke-On-Trent (ST1 3GA)ST13GA?Freehold
2017-09-1119 Augusta Court, Wallsend (NE28 9QZ)NE289QZ?Freehold
2017-05-0414 Gwynant Crescent, Lakeside (CF23 6LT)CF236LT?Freehold
2016-07-14Land on the West side of Doncaster Road, Knottingley?Freehold
2016-07-14land and buildings on the south-west side of Lees Street, Openshaw?Freehold
2016-07-14The Ormerod Home, Clifton Drive North, St Annes on Sea?Freehold
2016-07-14Land lying to the north, the west and the east of Clough Meadow Road, Radcliffe?Freehold
2016-07-14101 Bexley Avenue, Blackpool (FY2 0TE)FY20TE?Freehold
2016-07-14land at Delamere Close, Blackburn?Freehold
2016-07-14being land on the South East side of Marsden Street and a strip of land on the South side of Bower Street?Freehold
2016-07-14Land and buildings on the south west side of Charles Street, Land and buildings on the south west and north east sides of Herbert Street, Land and buildings on the south west side of Wilson Street, Blackburn?Freehold
2016-07-14land on the north side of Cunnery Meadow, Leyland?Freehold
2016-07-1444 Knightscliffe Crescent, Shevington, Wigan (WN6 8DX)WN68DX?Freehold
2016-07-1439 Knightscliffe Crescent, Shevington, Wigan (WN6 8DX)WN68DX?Freehold
2016-07-14Land at Ashbourne Avenue, New Springs?Freehold
2016-07-14part of 4 Dalecrest, Billinge?Freehold
2016-07-14115 Andover Avenue, Middleton, Manchester (M24 1JQ)M241JQ?Freehold
2016-07-1410 Broadhurst, Denton, Manchester (M34 3TN)M343TN?Freehold
2016-07-146 Dalecrest, Billinge, Wigan (WN5 7JZ)WN57JZ?Freehold
2016-07-14land and buldings on the south side of Church Street East, Radcliffe, Bury?Freehold
2016-07-14land and buildings on the West side of Miles Lane, Shevington?Freehold
2016-07-14Part of 17 Woodcote Close, Warrington?Leasehold
2016-07-14Part of 16 Woodcote Close, Warrington?Leasehold
2016-07-14land on the West side of Broadriding Road, Shevington?Freehold
2016-07-14Part of 15 Woodcote Close, Warrington?Leasehold
2016-07-14Part of 14 Woodcote Close, Warrington?Leasehold
2016-07-14Part of 12a Woodcote Close, Warrington?Leasehold
2016-07-14Part of 11 Woodcote Close, Warrington?Leasehold
2016-07-1413 Limefield Road, Radcliffe, Manchester (M26 3SU)M263SU?Freehold
2016-07-14Land at Evesham Road, Middleton?Freehold
2016-07-14Land at Andover Avenue, Middleton?Freehold
2016-07-14land at Bembridge Drive and Branscombe Gardens, Bolton?Freehold
2016-07-14land on the North West side of Corston Grove, Blackrod?Freehold
2016-07-14land on the East side of Shawbury Close, Blackrod?Freehold
2016-07-14land on the East side of Green Meadows, Westhoughton?Freehold
2016-07-14land on the North side of Green Meadows, Westhoughton?Freehold
2016-07-14land at Solent Drive and Sidford Close, Bolton?Freehold
2016-07-1415 Harpford Close, Bolton (BL2 6TN)BL26TN?Freehold
2016-07-143 Widcombe Drive, Bolton (BL2 6TJ)BL26TJ?Freehold
2016-07-08land and buildings at Sandebed Lane and Lees Street , Mossley?Freehold
2016-07-0832 Sandy Lane, Prestwich, Manchester (M25 9NA)M259NA?Freehold
2016-07-08land and buildings at Royton?Freehold
2016-07-0856 Childwall Priory Road, Liverpool (L16 7PE)L167PE?Freehold
2016-07-0852 Willingdon Road, Liverpool (L16 3NF)L163NF?Freehold
2016-07-08Land on the east side of Thornton Road, Bootle?Freehold
2016-07-0832 to 36 (even) June Street, Bootle?Freehold
2016-07-0841 and 52 Maliston Road, Great Sankey, Warrington?Freehold
2016-07-08land adjoining The Post Office Stores, 29 Brentwood Road, Ingrave (CM13 3RE)CM133RE?Freehold
2016-07-08properties at Towers Court, Warrington (WA5 0AH)WA50AH?Freehold
2016-07-0845 Brook Avenue, Stockton Heath, Warrington (WA4 2RY)WA42RY?Freehold
2016-07-0822 Pinewood Road, Burtonwood, Warrington (WA5 4NA)WA54NA?Freehold
2016-07-0825 Pound Lane, Thatcham (RG19 3TG)RG193TG?Freehold
2016-06-23land lying to north of 1 Troy Road, Horsforth, (LS18 5NQ)LS185NQ?Freehold
2016-06-23Land on the west side of Sherwood Close, Birmingham?Freehold
2016-06-23land on the West side of Primrose Lane and land forming part of Sherwood Close?Freehold
2016-06-23land on the South West side of Warwick Road, Copt Heath?Freehold
2016-06-23land and buildings on the North side of Boswell Road?Freehold
2016-06-23land on the East side of Clopton Road, Old Stratford?Freehold
2016-06-23land on the East side of Chester Road North, Sutton Coldfield?Freehold
2016-06-23Southbourne House, Payton Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon (CV37 6UA)CV376UA?Freehold
2016-06-23Land lying to the north of Warwick Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon?Leasehold
2016-06-236 and 33 Sambourn Close and land at the back of 21 Sambourn Close?Freehold
2016-06-2343 Lode Lane, Solihull (B91 2AF)B912AF?Freehold
2016-06-23part of Parkgate Court, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington (WA4 6LA)WA46LA?Freehold
2016-06-238 Magnolia Close, Woolston, (WA1 4HS)WA14HS?Freehold
2016-06-231, SAXON LODGE, 23 SAXON ROAD, SOUTHPORT PR8 2AXPR82AX?Leasehold
2016-06-23Saxon Lodge, York Road, Birkdale (PR8 2AD)PR82AD?Leasehold
2016-06-0314 Cheadle Avenue, Cramlington (NE23 3YT)NE233YT?Freehold
2016-06-03land at Sylvia Close, Woodhouse?Freehold
2016-06-03land lying to the north west side of Quincy Road, Egham?Freehold
2016-06-03Sandhills Garage, Walsall Road, West Bromwich?Freehold
2016-06-03land on the north side of Hamstead Road, Great Barr?Freehold
2016-06-032 Bentley Drive, Codsall, Wolverhampton (WV8 1RX)WV81RX?Freehold
2016-06-03Land on the north west side of 61 Warren Road, Burntwood (WS7 4SY)WS74SY?Freehold
2016-06-03land lying to the East of Newstead, Tamworth?Freehold
2016-06-03land and buildings on the north west side of Longacres, Hednesford?Freehold
2016-06-03land and buildings on the south west side of Darnford Lane, Lichfield?Freehold
2016-06-03Land lying to the east of Penlon Place, Abingdon?Freehold
2016-06-03Land at Cecil Street, Leigh?Freehold
2016-06-03Land on the east side of 19 Langdale Mews, Bury (BL9 6WE)BL96WE?Leasehold
2016-06-03land associated with 30 Brookside Walk, Radcliffe (M26 4JT)M264JT?Freehold
2016-06-03land lying to the west of 12 Crambe Heights, Lower Darwen, Darwen (BB3 0SZ)BB30SZ?Freehold
2016-06-0332 Whalley Road, Great Harwood, Blackburn (BB6 7TF)BB67TF?Freehold
2016-06-03Lake Bank, Skipton Road, Foulridge, Colne (BB8 7NW)BB87NW?Freehold