Lowest shoplifting and burglary ever recorded for March 2020

Some very good news that can be seen already with the March 2020 crime data, just released. You can see from the National Picture here.

Burglary’s national total – England and Wales – for March 2020 was 25,349. That’s the lowest month recorded since we started, December 2010.

Meanwhile shoplifting’s national total of 21,855, is also the lowest since that category was established in May 2013.

Obviously this is due to the Coronavirus lockdown since March 23rd. Burglary is much less likely when residents are at home. And shoplifting, with so few shops open and ramped up security and social distancing in the few shops that are, is hard to do. So we can expect even decreases and lower figures for April 2020 when it is released.

Overall though, I was suprised that other categories were not down, if not at all. Only the category of vehicle crime seems to have dropped off significantly.


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