What does a return to normal look like?

I’m of course referring to the unusual crime and property price monthly figures we collect here at UKCrimestats over the last few months since the lockdown.

As per our National Picture page, Burglary, shoplifting and vehicle crime have fallen substantially, but violent crime and public order offences are touching new monthly highs.

As for property prices, well I would suggest the key metric to watch is the volume of transactions – currently running at about a third of the normal level – which you can see on our Property National Picture with data from the Land Registry. (N.b. the latest month is always a smaller number – and is refreshed with more the following month)

Even if everyone manages to keep their jobs post the COVID-19 employment fallout – I can’t see everything reverting back to how it was. So many more people are going to be working from home which keeps burglary down and homes are now becoming work/live units.

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