How should you fairly compare crime in different postcode districts?

This is a question that needs to be asked because the UK’s approx. 2,500 postcode districts vary massively in size – from 2.33 hectares in London WC1A to 85,165 hectares in LD3 in Wales. And they vary just as hugely in residential and daytime population. For example, CR0 in Croydon, London has a residential population of 153,812 and UB11 in Hillingdon has just 2.

The answer – I would suggest – it to measure crime or type of crime total per hectare. That is a unique feature to UKCrimeStats. You can run a report and it will show you the top 100 highest/lowest , total crime, crime rate, crimes per hectare, crime rate per hectare between your choice of dates. To see more than 100 rows – actually all 2,500 postcode districts, just check the box “Export all results to Excel” and it will give you a csv file to look at. See our postcode district page here available with a subscription starting at £4.99 per month.

In the meantime, here are the results for calendar year 2022 – Top 10 postcode districts with the highest Total Crime and Asb count per hectare.

Postcode District Region Area Population Land Area in Hectares Total Crime & ASB
WC1A Camden New Oxford Street 911 2.33 492.2747
W1B Westminster Portland Street  Regent Street 549 7.58 392.2164
WC2H Westminster Leicester Square 2932 21.1 366.019
W1S Westminster Hanover Square  Savile Row 299 10.29 353.3528
W1F Westminster Soho (north west) 1584 19.45 320.8226
W1D Westminster Soho (south east); Chinatown  Soho Square 1242 34.99 315.3758
L2 Liverpool Liverpool city centre 935 14.93 161.286
B2 Birmingham Birmingham City Centre  Ladywood 655 23.3 129.6137
WC2B Camden Drury Lane  Aldwych 1831 16.17 118.2437
W1T Camden Fitzrovia  Tottenham Court Road 4304 35.49 113.1868

It’s interesting that in the top 10, the only non-London place is in Birmingham City Centre. Only London across the UK has this kind of urban density.

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