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    Dan Lewis

    I hate the term “refresh” but that’s what it will have to be – and we will let you know of the changes, up or down. Let me explain . . .

    Thanks to an eagle-eyed viewer of this website, we were alerted us to a discrepancy from the National Picture Page for May-13 and Jun-13 calculated total crime and asb figure. The difference is slight – the sums as you’ll see are slightly out, to the tune of of 400 and 600 out of a total of 495k and 482k. Nonetheless, the root cause is interesting – a few Police Forces, of which West Yorkshire and Northumbria are the chief culprits, published geo-located crime data without crime categories. So they were included in the total but did not show up in the categories. That’s why the categories don’t add up to the total. And as the only aggregators of the crime data – even only use the api – this numbers stick out on  At the same time, there was a change in the data format that was available at this time too. So we think the new format should fix this – so a “refresh” is on the way, assuming all crimes now have categories.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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