Vehicle crime – what are the different types?

So now we’re onto vehicle crime – of which there were  36,283 in May 2011 across England and Wales.


Nearly all of us have been victim of some sort of vehicle crime. I can think of three incidents that happened to myself – albeit around 10-15 years or so ago. Once when I foolishly left a coat on the rear seat, the rear quarterllght was broken and the jacket stolen (nothing in it btw). Another time, someone broke in and took the stereo – an unremarkable cassette radio player. And finally – and they were observed before scarpering – in a french supermarket car park, someone screwdrivered into the lock of my then beloved Audi 80, opened it but then they scarpered before they could make off with it.


So under British law, what types of offence fall under vehicle crime – the general category we use under this website?


Surprisingly few, as it turns out – just 5.


1. Aggravated vehicle taking
2. Theft from a motor vehicle
3. Theft from vehicle other than a motor vehicle
4. Theft of a motor vehicle
5. Interference with a motor vehicle


Anyway, here’s some good advise from Warwickshire Police on how to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle crime.

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