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Experimenting with design layout . . .

Aug 26th 2015:  Let us know your thoughts on - we had no choice really as most people now access this site by mobile and tablet we have now added a google searchbox - our bespoke searchbox is still available further down the page on the right...  Continue reading

All postcodes now with 0.5 and 0.25 mile radius crime calculations

Aug 25th 2015:  Today, most Britons live at relatively high population density in an urban environment and don't move around that much on foot from where they live or work. A mile can actually cover very different neighbourhoods or include hotspots that may have little bearing on your immediate environment. That's ...  Continue reading

Property prices now updated to May 2015

Jul 15th 2015:  As always, a word of caution, the last month's sales - property prices paid in England and Wales - are typically at least 50% missing - see here - so we would fully expect when we have the next month's data to see May's figures revised ...  Continue reading

Some of the features of our property price database

Jul 12th 2015:  We will shortly have May 2015 data uploaded for property prices. One of the things we've noticed by the way with property data is the latest month is always incomplete - see here . Basically, the latest month is always less than 50% ...  Continue reading

England and Wales

Updated with crime data from June 2015

Crime and ASB Breakdown - June 2015 ©Copyright
Crime Rate Trends ©Copyright

Total all Crimes in England and Wales: last 2 months

CrimeMay 2015Jun 2015Change
Anti-Social Behaviour166,041174,693+8,652
Vehicle Crime30,92730,479-448
Violent Crime87,36390,503+3,140
Other Crime168,034169,211+1,177
Theft - Shoplifting29,26227,915-1,347
Criminal Damage and Arson46,63646,086-550
Theft - Other43,28544,129+844
Bike Theft7,2247,971+747
Theft From the Person6,6555,944-711
Possession of Weapons2,0142,198+184
Public Order15,67017,034+1,364
Total Crimes Plus ASB489,715501,233+11,518

Northern Ireland

Updated with crime data from June 2015

Crime and ASB Breakdown - June 2015 ©Copyright
Crime Rate Trends ©Copyright

Total all Crimes in Northern Ireland: last 2 months

CrimeMay 2015Jun 2015Change
Anti-Social Behaviour5,0665,456+390
Vehicle Crime393425+32
Violent Crime3,1573,130-27
Other Crime4,3314,741+410
Theft - Shoplifting573610+37
Criminal Damage and Arson1,6431,854+211
Theft - Other1,2151,263+48
Bike Theft5175+24
Theft From the Person3947+8
Possession of Weapons69109+40
Public Order133119-14
Total Crimes Plus ASB13,68314,567+884

The Economic Policy Centre has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That's because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.