The 4 different types of Robbery . . .

Very interesting comment by Fred in the post below which I’ve replied to and look forward to his response.  By the way, we don’t mind at all if you prefer to post comments under another name.  I reckon it’s a safe bet that Fred isn’t really called Fred !


In the meantime, here’s the final tranche on Robbery the offence breakdown as classified by the NPIA.  I didn’t know that Robbers can get life sentences – it must be a long time since a judge has done that. But all four robbery offences carry maximum life sentences.


1. Robbery –  personal
2. Robbery – business
3. Assault with intent to rob – personal
4. Assault with intent to rob – business


I was looking for some sort of image to sum up robbery in the popular imagination and people in hoods in shops seems to do it.



Google’s suggestions of related search somehow seemed a lot more interesting than those clinically described offences above from the 1968 Theft Act – bank robbery, armed robbery, house robbery, robbery cartoon, street robbery . . .


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