Which products of UKCrimeStats are most popular?

1. The Postcode Crime Report. This works with full postcode or postcode district – just type in your postcode or postcode district, enter your email, select radius – if it’s a full postcode – and get it instantly after paying £1.99. Very popular. Often customers buy several. Nowhere else can you get 17 pages, with heatmaps across all crime types, national ranking and population estimates.  We do it for road accidents too – The Postcode Accident Report – but so far, much less interest in that. Popular with independent property developers.

2. Monthly membership for UKCrimeStats. For just £4.99 a month, you can run as many reports as you want, export 1000s of rows of data, across crime, property prices, broadband coverage, energy consumption and query overseas and UK Commercial Corporate Property Ownership. Excellent value for £4.99 – just remember not to cancel until you’ve got everything you need, as you lose access right away. Popular with students undertaking research.

3. Annual membership of UKCrimeStats. Save money with the monthly package above. Used more by businesses.

4. Postcode Radius Files / Crime Postcode Datasets. This is for people comfortable with crunching big datasets in their own databases. Loved by developers for corporate clients. We’ve made it easy for them with built in ranking for each postcode unit. Priced from £49 to £499. Customers also appreciate buying from a public source and knowing that it’s right.

5. UKCrimeStats API – the application programming interface. Basically, instead of building a database, use our API to get the data you need and build an application around it. Again, this is more of a developer product. Free account for the first 500 calls thereafter on a very reasonable pay as you go basis – per API call.

6. Postcode Data Generator. Maybe you don’t want 1.6 million postcodes, just a few hundred. So use the Postcode Data Generator. Just £19.95 for up to 5,000 postcodes. We also check your postcodes for free – that is helpful because you wouldn’t believe how many postcodes out there are input wrong as transposed figures, 0 instead of O or just out of date.


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