Postcodes updated …. and Road Accidents

Running this website – with much more than crime, there is constant work in staying up to date. Take postcodes for example – every 3 months, there are new postcodes, retired postcodes and postcodes that seemingly come back to life. Here they are if you are interested.

We’ve also just updated Road Accidents for Calendar 2022 using the official Department for Transport data. It’s a bit depressing that road accidents have stopped falling over the last few years – Covid interim excepted. I can remember nearly 10 years ago writing in a paper that automated braking – if not driverless cars – would dramatically reduce road accidents. Sadly, that hasn’t happened. But I still think – and pray – that it will.  Our data goes back to 2009 and it’s actually much more accurate than the crime data. You get precise locations and dates for a start. And we have layered on heatmaps and all the geographical shapes like constituencies and wards, postcode districts, etc. . If you want to buy see your road accident risk in your area, why not take a look at one of our UKCrashStats postcode accident reports?

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