Do you show British Transport Police data?

No, we don’t. In a typical month, like July 2019, there are approx 500k crimes and ASB incidents and only 5k BTP events.  So it’s 1% of the total, not very much. The main reason we don’t show them is that crimes are always located to a railway station, regardless of where they actually happened. So even though, the crime may have happened on a train between stations it is located to the nearest station. We don’t think this gives a true and fair representation of crime in an area consistent with the other 500k crimes and ASB incidents – they are just not like for like.

In practice, see here for the difference;

We show for June a total of 213.

The site shows a total of 215 – that difference of 2 are the total number of BTP crimes, listed here “Crime at Manchester Road Station”.

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