How do I export data and run reports?

You need a login and can purchase one here to access this data. When you have a login, go to a typical report page – in this case subdivisions – and select your criteria from within the blue box headed “Show me:”. So you might pick, for example, Unitary Authority Ward, Highest, Total Crime, Between December 2020 and November 2021 – then select your chosen crime types. The default setting is everything except Public Disorder and Weapons – a crime category that has not been in use since Aprl 2013. To run the report, click on the button called “Get Report” – then wait, probably not more than a few seconds, usually less, sometimes longer depending on the time period you require. The results will be displayed online on that page – the top 100 only. If you want to see all the Unitary Authority Wards for this month period then you must check the box called “Export all results to Excel”.  This will generate a csv file which (unless blocked by your browser/anti-virus program) you can open with many programs, not just Excel. This will give you all 1160 Unitary Authority Wards.

It is the same process with all the other geographies like Police Forces, Constituences, Neighbourhoods, Postcode Sectors or indeed everything you see on the dropdown menu bar called View Crime.

It is also the same process with Property Prices, Road Accidents, Broadband, Corporate Property Ownership and Energy Consumption data.

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