What do the crime categories mean?

Total for all categories including crime and ASB.
Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
Includes personal, environmental and nuisance anti-social behaviour. N.B. ASB is not a crime but a civil offence.
Bicycle theft
Includes the taking without consent or theft of a pedal cycle.
Includes offences where a person enters a house or other building with the intention of stealing.
Criminal damage and arson
Includes damage to buildings and vehicles and deliberate damage by fire.
Includes offences related to possession, supply and production.
Other crime
Includes forgery, perjury and other miscellaneous crime.
Other theft
Includes theft by an employee, blackmail and making off without payment.
Possession of weapons
Includes possession of a weapon, such as a firearm or knife.
Public disorder and weapons
Includes offences which cause fear, alarm, distress or a possession of a weapon such as a firearm.
Public order
Includes offences which cause fear, alarm or distress.
Includes offences where a person uses force or threat of force to steal.
Includes theft from shops or stalls.
Theft from the person
Includes crimes that involve theft directly from the victim (including handbag, wallet, cash, mobile phones) but without the use or threat of physical force.
Vehicle crime
Includes theft from or of a vehicle or interference with a vehicle.
Violence and sexual offences
Includes offences against the person such as common assaults, Grievous Bodily Harm and sexual offences.

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