What does your property price data not show?

According to the Land Registry, it does not include;

  • all commercial transactions. By this we mean any transaction that involves a transfer to a corporate body, company or business
  • sales that have not been lodged with Land Registry.
  • sales that were not for full market value. By this we mean, the sale of part of a property, a share of a property or the sale of a property at a discount. Examples include a repossession sale or a transfer between parties on divorce
  • transfers, conveyances, assignments or leases at a premium with nominal rent which are:
    • ‘Right to buy’ sales at a discount
    • subject to a lease
    • subject to an existing mortgage
    • buy to let (where they can be identified by a mortgage deed)
    • to effect the sale of a share in a property
    • by way of a gift
    • under a compulsory purchase order
    • under a court order
    • to Trustees appointed under Deed of appointment
  • Vesting Deeds Transmissions or Assents of more than one property
  • Leases for seven years or less

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