UKCrimeStats now updated to May 2011

We always try and turn it around as quickly as possible. The data became available on Thursday 30th June and we finished uploading it today, Saturday 2nd July.

On the National Picture page, we have now separated out a total crime chart from incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Рwhich are technically  not classified as crimes.  See below.

We now have 6 months data and this upward trend may appear a bit alarming. However, I’m advised that December 2010, when it was particularly cold – with unusually high amounts of snow and ice as well as dark – tends to keep criminals indoors as much as their victims. So this 25% increase over 6 months is likely to experience a similar decline over the next 6 months. Let’s see when we have 12 full months of data so we can properly discern the seasonal effect.

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