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    At UKCrimeStats we take a very responsible view of the data – we know how important it is and what it means to people. So when we find errors, we post them up here and tell the NPIA. For now, that’s the most we can do.

    So I feel a bit sorry for Mr Phil Wilson MP, in Tony Blair’s old constituency of Sedgefield whose seat has supposedly seen the biggest increase in crime and asb between Dec 2010 and Dec 2011 of 188% – but it’s almost certainly wrong. Let me explain, early on, we realised that there were huge problems with the neighbourhood data of police.uk – primarily because the neighbourhood boundaries change – more about this later.

    Consequently we decided to start overlaying constituency boundaries because they had up to date population estimates and were much more comparable in size and boundary changes would be well known in advance. Generally speaking, this has been very successful but the source data is not always correct (and we can’t correct it ourselves).

    We have to rely on the street location data to pinpoint crimes in individual constituencies and for Mr Wilson’s Police Force, Durham Constabulary – as shown in our online google spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Arg4N2PwHPlKdEhkUWJIZ3RuanRUR1F3ZTZ0NExvMEE#gid=0 there is a staggering difference in the total crimes by street – 2,119 – to neighbourhood – 5,770. Clearly this is wrong but what it means is that when measuring the difference in total crime and asb between Dec 2010 and Dec 2011, there is the biggest increase in the country of 188% from 265 to 764.

    There are others like these – but please look at the source data all of which we have shown our site before rushing to any conclusions. It does seem that the first month of data from Police.uk , December 2010, was far from perfect.




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