Bury St Edmunds

Population: 114,320

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Showing connectivity data for Bury St Edmunds

Connection TypeNumber of premisesPercent of premises
SFBB availability51,57996.00%
UFBB (100Mbit/s) availability17,17131.96%
UFBB availability15,29528.47%
Gigabit availability13,90825.89%
Unable to receive 2Mbit/s710.13%
Unable to receive 5Mbit/s1380.26%
Unable to receive 10Mbit/s2560.48%
Unable to receive 30Mbit/s2,1494.00%
Below the USO1060.20%
30<300Mbit/s download speed36,28467.53%
>=300Mbit/s download speed15,29528.47%
Able to receive from FWA53,51099.59%
0<2Mbit/s download speed710.13%
2<10Mbit/s download speed670.12%
5<10Mbit/s download speed1180.22%
10<30Mbit/s download speed1,8933.52%