Milton Keynes South

Population: 127,479

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Showing connectivity data for Milton Keynes South

Connection TypeNumber of premisesPercent of premises
SFBB availability59,70399.28%
UFBB (100Mbit/s) availability56,27393.58%
UFBB availability55,61192.48%
Gigabit availability55,25591.88%
Unable to receive 2Mbit/s130.02%
Unable to receive 5Mbit/s1770.29%
Unable to receive 10Mbit/s1950.32%
Unable to receive 30Mbit/s4330.72%
Below the USO270.04%
30<300Mbit/s download speed4,0926.80%
>=300Mbit/s download speed55,61192.48%
Able to receive from FWA59,93699.67%
0<2Mbit/s download speed130.02%
2<10Mbit/s download speed1640.27%
5<10Mbit/s download speed180.03%
10<30Mbit/s download speed2380.40%