Bromford Housing Association Limited

Housing Association Community Benefit Society (Company)
Exchange Court, Brabourne Avenue, Wolverhampton Business Park, Wolverhampton WV10 6AU
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2023-02-02Plots 70-74, Thirsk Road And Newmarket Road, Bicester (OX26 1ED)OX261ED?Freehold
2023-01-314, 13-21 Speedwell Road, Bodicote, Banbury (OX15 4TN)OX154TN?Freehold
2023-01-1117 Shipley Lane, Lichfield (WS14 0FJ)WS140FJ£175,842Freehold
2022-12-05Plot 44, 45 and 58-60, White House Farm, Lyde Green, Bristol (BS16 7AH)BS167AH£283,495Freehold
2022-10-26Plot 61-63, White House Farm, Lyde Green, Bristol (BS16 7AH)BS167AH£170,714Freehold
2022-10-26Plot 64-66, Whitehouse Farm, Lyde Green, Bristol (BS16 7AH)BS167AH£166,541Freehold
2022-10-208 Spitfire Avenue, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DA)B908DA£224,686Freehold
2022-10-206 Spitfire Avenue, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DA)B908DA£221,230Freehold
2022-10-204 Spitfire Avenue, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DA)B908DA£224,686Freehold
2022-08-0137 Sykes Road, Hampton Magna, Warwick (CV35 8UL)CV358UL?Freehold
2022-07-215 to 11 Moorhen Grove, Southam (CV47 2UX)CV472UX?Freehold
2022-07-1453 Berkeley Close, South Cerney, Cirencester (GL7 5UW)GL75UW£240,000Freehold
2022-07-12Plot 46-49, Lyde Green, Emersons Green, Bristol (BS16 7AH)BS167AH£223,748Freehold
2022-06-2780 Springfied Road and 2 to 6 (even) Bakewell Gardens, Wolverhampton£201,199Freehold
2022-06-146 to 12 (even) Harthill Gardens, 1 to 5 (odd) and 4 to 8 (even) Dando Drive, 28 to 32 (even) Elsworth Close, and 12 to 22 (even), 28 to 30 (even), 36 to 42 (even) and 21 to 31 (odd) Church View, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol£1,985,700Freehold
2022-06-14Land adjoining 10 Hollybirch Grove, St Georges, Telford (TF2 9QG)TF29QG?Freehold
2022-06-0714 Box Trees Lane, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DE)B908DE£183,206Freehold
2022-06-0712 Box Trees Lane, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DE)B908DE£183,206Freehold
2022-06-0710 Box Trees Lane, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DE)B908DE£183,206Freehold
2022-06-078 Box Trees Lane, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DE)B908DE£183,206Freehold
2022-06-076 Box Trees Lane, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DE)B908DE£183,206Freehold
2022-06-074 Box Trees Lane, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DE)B908DE£183,206Freehold
2022-05-257-11 (odd) and 15-19 (odd), Pearmain Close, Stratford-Upon-Avon?Freehold
2022-05-19Land on the north side of Old Gloucester Road, Hayden, Cheltenham?Freehold
2022-05-1352 Berkeley Close, South Cerney, Cirencester (GL7 5UW)GL75UW£225,000Freehold
2022-04-122 to 8 (even) and 20 to 24 (even) Barley Close, Cam, Dursley (GL11 5FG)GL115FG£307,206Freehold
2022-04-0890 Nickling Road, Banbury (OX16 1BB)OX161BB£151,964Freehold
2022-04-0892 Nickling Road, Banbury (OX16 1BB)OX161BB£151,964Freehold
2022-04-048-14 (evens), Kestrel Way, Moreton-In-Marsh (GL56 0FJ)GL560FJ£161,920Freehold
2022-03-3119-31 (odd) Yeomanry Way, Newport (TF10 7GZ)TF107GZ?Freehold
2022-03-3154, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78 Yeomanry Way, Newport (TF10 7GZ)TF107GZ£425,832Freehold
2022-03-3126, 28, 30, 32, 34 and, 36 Yeomanry Way, Newport (TF10 7GZ)TF107GZ£393,076Freehold
2022-03-3133, 35, 37, 39, 41 and, 43 Yeomanry Way, Newport (TF10 7GZ)TF107GZ£229,294Freehold
2022-03-2524 Spitfire Avenue, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DA)B908DA£224,686Freehold
2022-03-2522 Spitfire Avenue, Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull (B90 8DA)B908DA£224,686Freehold
2022-03-1675-81 (odd), Bismore Road, Banbury (OX16 1JN)OX161JN£630,624Freehold
2022-03-07land at Anson Road, Alrewas, Burton-On-Trent (DE13 7ES)DE137ES?Freehold
2022-02-16Plots, 34-43 Barley Close, Cam, Dursley (GL11 5FG)GL115FG£300,309Freehold
2022-01-283 to 9 (odd) Halfpenny Close, Twigworth, Gloucester (GL2 9GX)GL29GX£204,646Freehold
2022-01-2834 to 56 (even), Newcomen Way, Telford (TF7 5UB)TF75UB£574,197Freehold
2022-01-2523 The Beeches, Warwick (CV34 8AD)CV348AD?Freehold
2022-01-2525 The Beeches, Warwick (CV34 8AD)CV348AD?Freehold
2022-01-0617 - 29 (odd numbers) Gittins Park, Wombourne, Wolverhampton (WV5 0NR)WV50NR£345,060Freehold
2022-01-063-6 Fleetwood Place, Rushwick, Worcester (WR2 5UN)WR25UN£429,015Freehold
2022-01-042 Hana Close, Banbury (OX16 1JQ)OX161JQ£151,964Freehold
2022-01-043 Hana Close, Banbury (OX16 1JQ)OX161JQ£151,964Freehold
2022-01-044 Hana Close, Banbury (OX16 1JQ)OX161JQ?Freehold
2021-12-3136-40 (even), Fairfax Way, Rushwick, Worcester (WR2 5TZ)WR25TZ£260,985Freehold
2021-12-312 to 6 (evens) Insley Avenue, Lichfield (WS14 0FE)WS140FE£383,318Freehold
2021-12-3112 Insley Avenue, Lichfield (WS14 0FE)WS140FE?Freehold
2021-12-0924-28 (even) Burnham Way, Long Buckby, Northampton (NN6 7WU)NN67WU?Freehold
2021-12-06LAND ON THE EAST SIDE OF Bouncers Lane, Prestbury, Cheltenham?Freehold
2021-11-2930 Munsley Close, Redditch (B98 0BP)B980BP£53,000Freehold
2021-11-2917 The Larches, Abbeymead, Gloucester (GL4 5WR)GL45WR£48,800Freehold
2021-11-2932 to 74 (even) and 53 to 77 (odd) Boxbush Road and 1 to 6 (inclusive) The Close, South Cerney?Freehold
2021-11-29land on the West side of The Park, Northway, Tewkesbury?Freehold
2021-11-291, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Coates Gardens, Stonehouse (GL10 2EB)GL102EB?Freehold
2021-11-29land on the south west side of Farmfield Road, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham?Freehold
2021-11-29Beeches Court, Beeches Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, (GL53 8NJ)GL538NJ?Freehold
2021-11-2941 Darleydale Close, Hardwicke, Gloucester (GL2 4JJ)GL24JJ?Freehold
2021-11-2911 Wesley Road, Cinderford (GL14 2JN)GL142JN?Freehold
2021-11-2922, 24, 26, 28A, 28B, 28C, 28D, 28E, 28F and 30 Alstone Mews, Cheltenham (GL51 8EU)GL518EU?Freehold
2021-11-299 Kingfisher Drive, Cheltenham (GL51 0WN)GL510WN?Freehold
2021-11-2926 and, 38 Kingfisher Drive, Cheltenham (GL51 0WN)GL510WN?Freehold
2021-11-2924 Guise Avenue, Brockworth, Gloucester (GL3 4NA)GL34NA£60,000Freehold
2021-11-2941 Crabtree Lane, Cirencester (GL7 1DW)GL71DW?Freehold
2021-11-2930 Prior Street, Hereford (HR4 9LB)HR49LB?Freehold
2021-11-29Block A, Arle Road, Cheltenham and parking spaces?Freehold
2021-11-29232, 234 and 236 Arle Road, Cheltenham, and parking spaces, (GL51 8LT)GL518LT?Freehold
2021-11-299, 11, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25 Laxton Road, (GL51 7QQ) and 2 and 4 Yalta Close, Cheltenham (GL51 7RU)GL517QQ?Freehold
2021-11-292, 5 and 8 Monkey Puzzle Close, Westward Road, Ebley, Stroud (GL5 4SU) and 129 and 141 Westward Road, Ebley, Stroud (GL5 4TS)GL54SU?Freehold
2021-11-2954 Elizabeth Way, Mangotsfield, Bristol (BS16 9LX)BS169LX?Freehold
2021-11-29Spirax Sarco Ltd, Tennyson Road, Cheltenham (GL51 7BZ)GL517BZ?Freehold
2021-11-292 and 5 Clarke Way, Cheltenham (GL50 4AX)GL504AX?Freehold
2021-11-2910-12, 14-18 and 45 Kingswood Heights, Kingswood, Bristol (BS15 1TD)BS151TD?Freehold
2021-11-292,7,10 and 21 Wilson Drive, Cheltenham (GL51 0GY) and 4-18 (even) Seacombe Road, Cheltenham (GL51 0HX)GL510GY?Freehold
2021-11-2932 Meadow Walk, Sling, Coleford (GL16 8LR)GL168LR£45,000Freehold
2021-11-29Northbank, Larksfield Road, Harrow Hill, Drybrook (GL17 9JP)GL179JP£61,700Freehold
2021-11-29land lying to the north of The Lennards, South Cerney, Cirencester?Freehold
2021-11-2950 Longlands Road, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham (GL52 8JP)GL528JP£52,000Freehold
2021-11-295 Granville Terrace, Tutshill, Chepstow (NP16 7DX)NP167DX£49,000Freehold
2021-11-2924 to 31 and 146 to 150 River Leys, Swindon Village, Cheltenham?Freehold
2021-11-29land at Manor Farm, Little Rissington, Cheltenham?Freehold
2021-11-2971 Fosse Close, Cirencester (GL7 1TD)GL71TD£58,000Freehold
2021-11-292.828 acres of land fronting onto Becketts Lane, Greet, Winchcombe?Freehold
2021-11-291 Kitchener Avenue, Gloucester (GL1 5EN)GL15EN£57,000Freehold
2021-11-2918 Windyridge Gardens, Cheltenham (GL50 4SX)GL504SX£72,000Freehold
2021-11-2913 Alney Terrace, Gloucester (GL1 2RZ)GL12RZ£33,000Freehold
2021-11-298 Lichen Close, Huntington, Cannock (WS12 4NZ)WS124NZ£47,000Freehold
2021-11-2923 The Innage, Hollywood, Birmingham (B47 5HX)B475HX?Freehold
2021-11-2912 Alexander Close, Catshill, Bromsgrove (B61 0PF)B610PF?Freehold
2021-11-2918 Yarlington Mill, Belmont, Hereford (HR2 7UB)HR27UB£49,950Freehold
2021-11-292 Abbotts Close, Stourport-on-Severn (DY13 9JZ)DY139JZ£48,500Freehold
2021-11-293 Abbotts Close, Stourport-on-Severn (DY13 9JZ)DY139JZ?Freehold
2021-11-29116 Heathfield Road, Webheath, Redditch (B97 5RD)B975RD?Freehold
2021-11-2919 Paddock Lane, Redditch (B98 7XP)B987XP£55,950Freehold
2021-11-293 Brooke Road, Ledbury (HR8 2UP)HR82UP£44,505Freehold
2021-11-2915-19 (odd), Eardisley Road, Kington (HR5 3EA)HR53EA?Freehold
2021-11-29Land on the north side of Merrimans Hill Road, Worcester?Freehold
2021-11-2918 Sydnall Close, Redditch£58,500Freehold