Southern Electric Power Distribution Plc

Limited Company or Public Limited Company
55 Vastern Road, Reading RG1 8BU
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2023-01-05Electricity substation Hampstead Farm, Binfield Heath, Henley-On-Thames?Leasehold
2022-12-19electricity substation Market Street, Bracknell?Leasehold
2022-11-30an electricity substation, Beaconsfield Services, Windsor Road, Beaconsfield (HP9 2SE)HP92SE?Leasehold
2022-08-19an electricity substation at Civic Street, Hounslow?Leasehold
2022-07-25an electricity substation Ploughley Road, Lower Arncott, Bicester?Leasehold
2022-06-10electricity substation at The Kingsbrook School, Armstrongs Fields, Broughton, Aylesbury?Leasehold
2022-06-09an electricity substation, Hanger Lane, London?Leasehold
2022-05-19Electricity Sub-Station 2, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London?Leasehold
2022-05-12electricity substation at Wickham Road, Fareham?Leasehold
2022-05-05an electricity substation, Tor View Farm, Galhampton, Yeovil?Leasehold
2022-04-14electricity substation St Georges Road, Semington, Trowbridge (BA14 6JQ)BA146JQ?Freehold
2022-04-06electricity substations, Wilton Park, Beaconsfield?Leasehold
2022-04-01Electricity Substation, Borrowdale Road, Winnersh, Wokingham?Leasehold
2022-03-22an electricity substation Sadlers Mead, Monkton Park, Chippenham?Leasehold
2022-02-04an electricity substation at Sparrowhawk Way, Jennet Hill, Bracknell?Leasehold
2022-02-03an electricity substation Didcot Road, Long Wittenham, Abingdon?Freehold
2022-02-03an electricity substation Hawley Lane, Farnborough?Leasehold
2022-01-27electricity substation Wycombe Way, Carterton?Leasehold
2022-01-25an electricity substation, Station Road, Nursling, Southampton?Leasehold
2022-01-24an electricity substation, Purton Road, Moredon, Swindon?Leasehold
2022-01-17electricity substation Arsenal Way, London?Leasehold
2021-12-29land on the south side of Ively Road, Farnborough?Leasehold
2021-12-20electricity substation 55-56 Herschel Street, Slough?Leasehold
2021-12-15Electricity Substation Gables Way, Thatcham (RG19 4ZA)RG194ZA?Leasehold
2021-12-01an electricity substation, Rutherford Avenue, Harwell Oxford, Didcot?Leasehold
2021-12-01an electricity substation, Rutherford Avenue, Harwell Oxford, Didcot?Leasehold
2021-11-24an electricity substation at Dixon Drive, Ludgershall, Andover?Freehold
2021-11-23electricity substation Heath House Lane, Hedge End, Southampton?Freehold
2021-11-11an electricity substation, Sun Hill, Calbourne, Newport?Freehold
2021-11-10an electricity substation, Minley Road, Fleet?Leasehold
2021-11-03an electricity transformation and distribution site, Dummer, Basingstoke?Leasehold
2021-11-01an electricity substation, Tower Estate, Warpsgrove Lane, Chalgrove, Oxford?Leasehold
2021-10-26an Electricity substation at Watermint Place, Wildridings Road, Bracknell (RG12 7WP)RG127WP?Leasehold
2021-10-12Land on the North-West side of Frenchay Road, Oxford?Freehold
2021-10-08Land at Teffont Substation Teffont, Salisbury?Freehold
2021-10-01an electricity substation, Nursery Lane, Penn, High Wycombe?Leasehold
2021-09-28an electricity substation, Eastfield Avenue, Basingstoke?Freehold
2021-09-24an electricity substation, Wellington Business Park, Dukes Ride, Crowthorne?Leasehold
2021-09-24an electricity substation, Portman Drive, Child Okeford, Blandford Forum?Freehold
2021-09-23electricity substation Dalley Road, Wokingham?Freehold
2021-09-16an Electricity Substation at Units 2 and 3 Decoypool Road, St Modwen Park, Newport?Freehold
2021-09-07an electricity substation, Weyhill Filling Station, Weyhill Road, Weyhill, Andover (SP11 0PH)SP110PH?Leasehold
2021-09-02East Works, Filton, Bristol?Leasehold
2021-08-20an electricity substation, Harvest Lane, Aldershot?Freehold
2021-08-19two Electricity Substations, Wood Lane, London?Leasehold
2021-08-18electricity substation Wimborne Road, Poole?Freehold
2021-08-12Land at Anoopam Mission, Brahmajyoti, The Lea, Western Avenue, Denham, Uxbridge (UB9 4NA)UB94NA?Leasehold
2021-08-09Land At, Manor County School And, 145 Ashampstead Road, Reading (RG30 3LJ)RG303LJ?Leasehold
2021-07-30an electricity substation, West Walk, Bere Woods Estate, Wickham, Fareham?Leasehold
2021-07-29an electricity substation, Penns Place, Petersfield?Freehold
2021-07-27ELECTRICITY SUBSTATION Riddell Way, Salisbury?Freehold
2021-07-09Land at Ashwood Park, Ashwood Way, Basingstoke?Leasehold
2021-07-08the site of an electricity substation, Multi Storey Car Park, Vastern Road, Reading (RG1 8BT)RG18BT?Leasehold
2021-07-08AN ELECTRICITY SUBSTATION Wellington Road, Wokingham?Leasehold
2021-07-02Electricity Sub-Station To The South-East Of, Amey Close, Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon (OX14 4LW)OX144LW?Freehold
2021-06-28an Electricity Substation at 35 Invincible Road Industrial Estate, Farnborough (GU14 7QU)GU147QU?Leasehold
2021-06-25An Electricity Substation, Dorchester Road, Sturminster Marshall, Wimborne (BH21 3RN)BH213RN?Freehold
2021-06-16an electricty sub-station, Unit 1, Slough Business Park, Farnham Road, Slough (SL1 4UN)SL14UN?Leasehold
2021-06-15an electricity substation Middleton Stoney Road, Bicester?Leasehold
2021-06-04an electricity substation Great Western Industrial Park, Dean Way, Southall?Leasehold
2021-06-02electricity substation, Sopers Lane, Poole?Freehold
2021-05-26an electricity substation Daedalus Airfield, Fareham?Leasehold
2021-05-25an electricity substation lying to the west of Houghton Farmhouse, Houghton, Stockbridge (SO20 6LT)SO206LT?Freehold
2021-05-25Supply Connection, Land At Ashridgewood Farm, Warren House Road, Wokingham (RG40 5RD)RG405RD?Leasehold
2021-05-20Land on the north-west side of 24 Church View Close, Sholing, Southampton (SO19 8SJ)SO198SJ?Freehold
2021-05-20Electricty Sub-Station, Unit 800 Fareham Reach, 166 Fareham Road, Gosport (PO13 0FW)PO130FW?Leasehold
2021-05-19an electricity substation, Wendlebury Road, Bicester?Leasehold
2021-05-11Land at Rose Court, Rye Common Lane, Crondall, Farnham?Leasehold
2021-04-30an electricity substation at The Tannery, Holt, Trowbridge?Freehold
2021-04-27Land at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock (OX20 1PX)OX201PX?Leasehold
2021-04-19An Electricity Substation, Nightingale Lodge, Great Well Drive, Romsey?Leasehold
2021-04-14Land at Flaxwood, Lydiard Plain, Swindon?Leasehold
2021-04-12an electricity substation, Brook Lane, Warsash, Southampton?Freehold
2021-03-31Land on the East side of New Brighton Road, Emsworth?Freehold
2021-03-30an Electricity Substation, Springvale Works, Great West Road, Brentford?Leasehold
2021-03-29an Electricity Substation, Broad Bush, Blunsdon, Swindon?Freehold
2021-03-26an electricity substation Wroughton, Swindon?Freehold
2021-03-23Electricity Substation, Wellington House, 1 Betam Road, Hayes (UB3 1SR)UB31SR?Leasehold
2021-03-16an electricity substation, Barry Close, High Wycombe?Leasehold
2021-03-15land lying to the west of Redon Way, Andover?Leasehold
2021-03-12Electricity SubStation Oxford Road, Eynsham, Witney (OX2 9NN)OX29NN?Freehold
2021-03-05an electricity substation, Tothill, Burghclere, Newbury?Leasehold
2021-03-04An Electricity Substation, Silwood Park Campus, Ascot?Leasehold
2021-03-02an electricity substation lying to the south of Edmondsham Road, Verwood?Freehold
2021-02-25an electricity substation, Harvest Road, Englefield Green, Egham?Leasehold
2021-02-24an Electricity Substation Alma Barn, Didcot Road, Harwell, Didcot (OX11 6DW)OX116DW?Freehold
2021-02-23Land lying to the south of Hurtmore Road, Godalming?Leasehold
2021-02-22an electricity substation Duke Street, High Wycombe?Leasehold
2021-02-17Supply Connection, Lambs Copse, Driffield, Cirencester (GL7 5PY)GL75PY?Leasehold
2021-02-17electricity substation Maiden House, Vanwall Road, Maidenhead (SL6 4UB)SL64UB?Leasehold
2021-02-16Electricity Substation at Ashling Park Winery, Ashling Park Estate, Chichester (PO18 8DP)PO188DP?Freehold
2021-02-16an electricity substation Singapore Road, London?Leasehold
2021-02-15an electricity substation Manor Road, London?Leasehold
2021-02-11Electricity Substation 10-20 Romsey Road, Eastleigh?Freehold
2021-02-10an electricity substation Kingston Road, Ashford (TW15 3SE)TW153SE?Leasehold
2021-02-10Land lying to the north of Western Avenue, Greenford?Leasehold
2021-02-08An Electricity Substation, Ellesfield Avenue, Bracknell?Leasehold
2021-02-01an Electricity Substation, Florence Court, Segensworth Road, Titchfield, Fareham (PO15 5FF)PO155FF?Freehold
2021-02-01Land at Iron Hill Farm, Hollycombe, Liphook (GU30 7LP)GU307LP?Leasehold
2021-01-28an Electricity Substation, Macfarlane Lane, Isleworth?Leasehold