Tapestart Limited

Limited Company or Public Limited Company
45-51 Wychtree Street, Morriston, Swansea SA8 8EX
PO Box 425, Swansea SA6 8YH
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Purchase DateAddressPostcodePriceDuration
2023-01-12235 Manchester Road West, Little Hulton, Manchester (M38 9XE)M389XE?Freehold
2022-07-2610, 22 and 29 Lilmore Avenue, Newton Heath?Leasehold
2022-07-2625 Lilmore Avenue, Newton Heath?Leasehold
2022-07-1320 Underwood Grove, Cramlington (NE23 3UT)NE233UT?Freehold
2022-07-1319 Underwood Grove, Cramlington (NE23 3UT)NE233UT?Freehold
2022-05-04Land at Laburnum Park And, Cherry Tree Way, Bolton£20,000Freehold
2021-11-08104, 120, 122, 124, 128, 130 and, 132 Ellesmere Road, Walton, Warrington (WA4 6EF)WA46EF?Leasehold
2021-10-1161,63, 65 And, 67 Longworth Street, Bolton (BL2 6AR)BL26AR?Freehold
2021-10-08150-158 (even) Stopes Road, Little Lever, Bolton (BL3 1NN)BL31NN?Freehold
2021-10-07Land at the back of 74 to 78 (even) and 78A Erskine Street, Hulme, Manchester (M15 4BS)M154BS£150,000Freehold
2021-08-0325 to 51 (odd) and 22 to 48 (even) Westbourne Avenue, Burnley£1,120Freehold
2021-05-2148, 50, 66, 68 and 70 Prospect Avenue, Darwen (BB3 1JQ)BB31JQ?Freehold
2021-04-281 to 5 (odd) Stetchworth Road and 26 Walton Heath Road, Walton, Warrington?Leasehold
2021-01-282 Arley Drive, Shaw, Oldham (OL2 8DY)OL28DY?Freehold
2021-01-11126 and 128 Marshalls Cross Road, St Helens (WA9 3DD)WA93DD?Freehold
2020-03-1721-25 (odd Numbers), Marsh House Lane, Warrington (WA2 7QP)WA27QP?Leasehold
2020-02-044 Elder CLose, Stockport (SK2 5AW)SK25AW?Freehold
2020-01-09land on the west side of 26 Battenhall Road, Worcester?Freehold
2020-01-06455 to 477 (odd), 495, 497, 505 to 511 (odd) &, 517 Prescot Road, St Helens£2,350Freehold
2019-11-293 to 23 (odd) Cambridge Road, Heaton Chapel (SK4 4QN)SK44QN£200Leasehold
2019-11-29land on the east side of 235 & 253 Heald Place, Manchester (M14 5NJ)M145NJ?Leasehold
2019-11-1342 and 46 Clegg Street, Haslingden, Rossendale (BB4 5LW)BB45LW?Leasehold
2019-11-0693-109 (odds Inclusive), Market Street, Westhoughton, Bolton (BL5 3AA)BL53AA?Freehold
2019-08-05161 To 175 (odd), Woodhouse Lane, Wigan (WN6 7LY)WN67LY?Freehold
2019-08-05183 To 195 (odd), Woodhouse Lane, Wigan (WN6 7LY)WN67LY?Freehold
2019-08-056 to 12 (even), Springfield Road, Wigan (WN6 7AT)WN67AT?Freehold
2019-08-057-27 Meadow Street and Part of 2 Gorman Street, Wigan?Freehold
2019-08-0528-42 Railway Street, Wigan (WN6 7LL)WN67LL?Freehold
2019-08-0529-53 (odd) Meadow Street, Wigan, 1-11 (odd) Beresford Street, Wigan and 19-23 and 27-37 (odd) Railway Street, Wigan?Freehold
2019-08-0596 to 110 (even) Woodhouse Lane, Wigan?Freehold
2019-08-054-18 (even), Railway Street, Wigan (WN6 7LL)WN67LL?Freehold
2019-07-1012 Albany Avenue, Manchester (M11 1HQ)M111HQ?Freehold
2019-07-107, 9, 13-17(odd), Alice Street, Rochdale (OL12 9BZ)OL129BZ?Leasehold
2019-06-2824 Knott Fold, Hyde (SK14 5AT)SK145AT?Freehold
2019-06-13211, 225 and 227 Springvale Road, Sheffield and 4 Moor End Road, Sheffield£3,500Freehold
2019-03-04288 Walshaw Road and 62 and 66 Goodlad Street, Bury£52,200Freehold
2019-03-04Land lying to the west of High Street, Bury?Freehold
2019-03-04land on the west side of High Street, Walshaw?Freehold
2019-03-04Land and buildings on the north side of Green Street, Walshaw?Freehold
2019-03-04Land lying to the East of Green Street, Bury?Freehold
2019-02-2258, 60 and 62 Harris Street, St Helens (WA10 2NP)WA102NP£650Freehold
2019-02-2192, 94, 96 and, 98 Norris Street, Orford, Warrington (WA2 7RW)WA27RW£650Freehold
2019-02-11Land at Orlando Village, Thynne Street, Bolton (BL3 6BA)BL36BA?Leasehold
2019-01-316, 10 to 16 (even), Thurstane Street, Bolton (BL1 3LJ)BL13LJ?Leasehold
2019-01-316, 8, 12 and, 14 Higher Darcy Street, Bolton (BL2 1NG)BL21NG?Freehold
2019-01-08Primrose Hill Court, Rochdale Road, Shaw (OL2 7PF)OL27PF£85,050Freehold
2018-12-1827 to 36 (evens) Norden, Bradford-On-Avon (BA15 1FL), 1 to 12 and 14 to 17 (all) Bridge Yard, Kingston Road, Bradford-On-Avon (BA15 1EJ), 38 to 42 Silver Street (evens) Bradford-On-Avon (BA15 1JX) and 7 to 11 (all) The Paddock, Kingston Road, Bradford-On-Avon (BA15 1FN)BA151FL?Freehold
2018-12-18Ground And First Floor, Block T, Silver Street, Bradford-On-Avon?Leasehold
2018-11-22160, 162, 166-184 (even), 188 and 190 Low Leighton Road, New Mills, High Peak (SK22 4JF)SK224JF?Leasehold
2018-11-15196-204 Manchester Road, Warrington (WA1 3AP)WA13AP£1,730Freehold
2018-11-1562, 64 and 68-72 Padgate Lane, Warrington (WA1 3RU)WA13RU£1,730Freehold
2018-11-15170 Forster Street, Warrington (WA2 7AX), 138-146 Orford Lane, Warrington (WA2 7AY)WA27AX£1,730Freehold
2018-11-1525 and, 31 Albert Road, Grappenhall, Warrington (WA4 2PF)WA42PF?Freehold
2018-11-1514-24 Albert Road, Grappenhall, Warrington (WA4 2PG)WA42PG?Freehold
2018-11-1574 Bank Street, Glazebrook, Warrington (WA3 5BZ)WA35BZ£1,730Freehold
2018-11-1572 Bank Street, Glazebrook, Warrington (WA3 5BZ)WA35BZ£1,730Freehold
2018-11-151-19 Oakwood Avenue, Warrington (WA1 3SZ)WA13SZ£1,730Freehold
2018-11-15154-168 and, 168a Forster Street, Warrington (WA2 7AX)WA27AX£1,730Freehold
2018-11-056 Tawe Street, Morriston, Swansea (SA6 8EU)SA68EU£70,000Freehold
2018-10-16188-194 Manchester Road, Warrington (WA1 3AP)WA13AP£1,730Freehold
2018-10-1631,35 And, 37 Walton Heath Road, Walton, Warrington (WA4 6HZ)WA46HZ?Leasehold
2018-09-2844 Elderfield Road, London (E5 0LF)E50LF£15,000Freehold
2018-09-2658, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 71, 76, 83, 88, 89, 92, 94 & 95 Fairfield Road, Stockton Heath, Warrington?Freehold
2018-09-1356 Harris Street, St Helens (WA10 2NP)WA102NP?Freehold
2018-09-1364 Harris Street, St Helens (WA10 2NP)WA102NP?Freehold
2018-09-13145 Dentons Green Lane, Dentons Green, St Helens (WA10 6RG)WA106RG?Freehold
2018-09-1321 Marsh House Lane, Warrington (WA2 7QP)WA27QP?Freehold
2018-09-13105 Hallfields Road, Warrington (WA2 8DS)WA28DS?Freehold
2018-09-13107 Hallfields Road, Warrington (WA2 8DS)WA28DS?Freehold
2018-09-1323 Marsh House Lane, Warrington (WA2 7QP)WA27QP?Freehold
2018-09-1325 Marsh House Lane, Warrington (WA2 7QP)WA27QP?Freehold
2018-09-1374 Norris Street, Orford, Warrington (WA2 7RW)WA27RW?Freehold
2018-09-1376 Norris Street, Orford, Warrington (WA2 7RW)WA27RW?Freehold
2018-09-1378 Norris Street, Orford, Warrington (WA2 7RW)WA27RW?Freehold
2018-09-1384 Norris Street, Orford, Warrington (WA2 7RW)WA27RW?Freehold
2018-09-1386 Norris Street, Orford, Warrington (WA2 7RW)WA27RW?Freehold
2018-09-1388 Norris Street, Orford, Warrington (WA2 7RW)WA27RW?Freehold
2018-09-13161 Gorsey Lane, Warrington (WA2 7RX)WA27RX?Freehold
2018-09-13163 Gorsey Lane, Warrington (WA2 7RX)WA27RX?Freehold
2018-09-13165 Gorsey Lane, Warrington (WA2 7RX)WA27RX?Freehold
2018-09-13167 Gorsey Lane, Warrington (WA2 7RX)WA27RX?Freehold
2018-09-13169 Gorsey Lane, Warrington (WA2 7RX)WA27RX?Freehold
2018-09-13173 Gorsey Lane, Warrington (WA2 7RX)WA27RX?Freehold
2018-09-102b Avon Road, Culcheth, Warrington (WA3 5DT)WA35DT?Freehold
2018-08-234 Ashworth Avenue, Flixton, Manchester (M41 8TH)M418TH?Freehold
2018-08-2222 Cambridge Road, Lostock, Bolton (BL6 4AU)BL64AU?Freehold
2018-08-2280 and 82 Aber Road, Cheadle (SK8 2ES)SK82ES?Freehold
2018-08-2126 High Street, Little Lever, Bolton (BL3 1NB), 1 to 65 (odd) Danecroft, Little Lever, Bolton (BL3 1LL) and 26 to 54 (even) Settle Street, Little Lever, Bolton (BL3 1LE)BL31NB?Freehold
2018-08-21Land on the south west side of Standedge Foot Road, Delph, Oldham?Freehold
2018-08-2130 Ashford Avenue, Swinton, Manchester (M27 0FY)M270FY?Freehold
2018-08-203 Hawarden Cottages, Cwmtillery, Abertillery (NP13 1JL)NP131JL?Freehold
2018-08-0964, 72 and 76 Brown Street, Macclesfield (SK11 6RY)SK116RY?Freehold
2018-08-08Purifier House, Gas Ferry Road, Harbourside, Bristol and parking spaces£182,400Freehold
2018-08-06Electricity Substation, Marshalls Cross Road, St Helens?Freehold
2018-08-031 to 3 Sankey Bridge Industrial Estate, Liverpool Road, Great Sankey, Warrington (WA5 1QQ)WA51QQ?Freehold
2018-08-023 Lincombe Hey, Prestbury, Macclesfield (SK10 4EQ)SK104EQ?Freehold