Crime on or near Airport/Airfield

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Individual crimes on or near Airport/Airfield for January 2024

#ID*LocationCrime Type
1140938749On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
2140938763On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
3140938774On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
4140938790On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
5140938794On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
6140938731On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
7140938802On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
8140938735On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
9140938824On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
10140938740On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
11140938745On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
12140938752On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
13140938768On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
14140938778On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
15140938792On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
16140938798On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
17140938734On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
18140938818On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
19140938739On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
20140938825On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
21140938742On or near Airport/AirfieldAnti-social behaviour
22140938846On or near Airport/AirfieldCriminal Damage and Arson
23140938841On or near Airport/AirfieldCriminal Damage and Arson
24140938848On or near Airport/AirfieldDrugs
25140939194On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
26140939148On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
27140939199On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
28140939161On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
29140939163On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
30140939116On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
31140939173On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
32140939122On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
33140939177On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
34140939133On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
35140939182On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
36140939139On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
37140939185On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
38140939141On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
39140939193On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
40140939145On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
41140939198On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
42140939149On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
43140939202On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
44140939162On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
45140939170On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
46140939121On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
47140939175On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
48140939131On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
49140939179On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
50140939136On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
51140939183On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
52140939140On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
53140939186On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
54140939144On or near Airport/AirfieldOther crime
55140938862On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
56140938876On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
57140938900On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
58140938908On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
59140938916On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
60140938934On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
61140938947On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
62140938874On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
63140938888On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
64140938901On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
65140938910On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
66140938929On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
67140938935On or near Airport/AirfieldOther Theft
68140938966On or near Airport/AirfieldPublic order
69140938960On or near Airport/AirfieldPublic order
70140938976On or near Airport/AirfieldShoplifting
71140938991On or near Airport/AirfieldShoplifting
72140938995On or near Airport/AirfieldShoplifting
73140938989On or near Airport/AirfieldShoplifting
74140938994On or near Airport/AirfieldShoplifting
75140939001On or near Airport/AirfieldTheft from the person
76140939029On or near Airport/AirfieldVehicle crime
77140939082On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
78140939097On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
79140939100On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
80140939052On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
81140939062On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
82140939070On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
83140939081On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
84140939087On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
85140939099On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
86140939107On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
87140939034On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
88140939061On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
89140939063On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
90140939072On or near Airport/AirfieldViolence and sexual offences
*This is a assigned ID and is not a police identifier

Crime history for this location

ASBBurglaryRobberyVehicleViolentShopliftingCD&AOther TheftDrugsBike TheftTheft From the PersonWeaponsPublic OrderOtherTotal
Jan 202421001145213101023090
Dec 202315001114116101032780
Nov 20231300155218301032677
Oct 2023140011062161011448104
Sep 2023900494020100062982
Aug 202390006206200013460
Jul 2023140015317001023468
Jun 20231200161013003053980
May 202390013109100133260
Apr 202360014405001022346
Mar 20231000374221000143991
Feb 2023700365115201031962
Jan 2023160021564140000537108
Dec 20221300464012202212975
Nov 2022150009519200012870
Oct 202224004923260010640115
Sep 20221400371013101123073
Aug 202210001822112001262101
Jul 202220000230191001266114
Jun 20228006702281000087139
May 202280011522202000456110
Apr 2022900252116100124685
Mar 202220001133020000143294
Feb 20226101121216200211660
Jan 20221100250034000042379
Dec 20211100322021002002162
Nov 20211300132012001043470
Oct 2021400241215000021646
Sep 202170002129100101235
Aug 202150007105000101130
Jun 2021500000010000006
Jun 2020200000000000002
Apr 202016000100000000017
Mar 202015000000100003322
Feb 202020000010000000122
Jan 202017001300100000426
Dec 201912010000400000118
Nov 201919000110000000223
Oct 201913000100100001016
Sep 201917000010000000220
Aug 201913000110200001422
Jul 20198000011100000516
Jun 201911000120200000319
May 20199000110200000417
Apr 201913000000100000216
Mar 201914000001200100220
Feb 201918000000200011628
Jan 201911000100500000219
Dec 201828000000300001436
Nov 201825000010100000027
Oct 201813000010300003222
Sep 201820000100000000122
Aug 201825000000100100229
Jul 201829000000200001739
Jun 201811000000200000518
May 201815000010200000422
Apr 201825000100100000431
Mar 201822000000200100429
Feb 201829000010000000636
Jan 201816000000200000523
Dec 201718000010100000626
Nov 201711000000110100317
Oct 201715000000000000823
Sep 201710000000110002519
Aug 201717000100100100626
Jul 201713000011210105529
Jun 201718000020100000728
May 201718000120200000831
Apr 201717000000200000726
Mar 201720000020200001530
Feb 20179000010200011317
Jan 201716000300210000426
Dec 2016150001103100221035
Nov 201612000100200010420
Oct 201619000000200201428
Sep 201613000000400010523
Aug 201614001000200011322
Jul 201612000200200000117
Jun 20169000000400000114
May 201616000000000001017
Apr 2016900000000000009
Mar 2016500000000000005
Feb 201610000000000000010
Jan 201618000000000000018
Dec 201518000000000000018
Nov 201513000000000000013
Oct 201515000000000000015
Sep 201514000000000000216
Aug 201515000000000000015
Jul 201513000000000000114
Jun 20159100000000000010
May 201511000000000000011
Apr 201515000000000000015
Mar 201517000000000000017
Feb 201520000000000000020
Jan 201516000000000000016
Dec 201414000000100000015
Nov 2014500000000000005
Oct 201410000010000000011
Sep 201416000000000000016
Aug 201419000000000000019
Jul 201411000000000000011
Jun 201412000000000000012
May 201423000000000000023
Apr 201412000000000000113
Mar 201410000000000000010
Feb 201411000000000000011
Jan 201418000000000000018
Dec 201329000000000000029
Nov 2013700000000000007
Oct 201321000000100000022
Sep 201316000000000000016
Aug 201320000100000010022
Jul 201321000000100010023
May 201316000000000000016
Apr 201311000000000011
Mar 201316000010000017
Feb 201318000000000018
Jan 201320000000100021
Dec 201218000000100019
Nov 201215000000000015
Oct 201223000000000124
Sep 201217000000000017
Aug 201222000000001023
Jul 201217000000000017
Jun 201217000000000017
May 201220000000000020
Apr 201214000000000014
Mar 2012700000000007
Feb 201219000000100020
Jan 201220000000000020
Dec 201122000000000022

The Economic Policy Centre has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That's because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.

Crime Plus ASB Breakdown for Airport/Airfield

Crime Breakdown (Dec 2010-Jan 2024)
Crime Rate Trends

Crime Type and ASB Charts for Airport/Airfield

All Crime + ASB
All Crime (No ASB)
Anti-Social Behaviour
Vehicle Crime
Violent Crime
In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories - Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD&A), Theft - Shoplifting, Theft-Other and Other.

Criminal Damage and Arson
Theft - Shoplifting
Theft - Other
Miscelanious Other

From May 2013, the following changes were made to the crime categories:
I) The violent crime category was renamed "violence and sexual offences"
2) A new category for "bicycle theft" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
3) A new category for "theft from the person" was created which previously fell within "other theft"
4) Public disorder and weapons were then split into two new categories; "public order" and "possession of weapons"
5) Both "other firearms offences" and "other knives offences" which were in "other crime" were moved into "possession of weapons".

Bike Theft
Theft From the Person
Possession of Weapons
Public Order