UKCrimestats API Documentation{method}/[parameters../]key={your_api_key}

The basic form of an API call is the API path, followed by the method and it's parameters separated by the forward slashes, and finally key= and your API key, which you can find by logging in to your account or in the email that is sent when you sign up. For example, would provide a list of the names of all policeforces and their identifier, if ncc1701d was a valid api key (which it's not.)

The data is returned as a JSON object or array. If the method or parameters are wrong or the data is missing, it will return an object with a single field, error, whose value describes the error.

The UKCrimestats API currently has the following methods:

  • areas
  • crime
  • crime (postcode level)
  • crime_rank
  • crime_rate_rank


Returns lists of administrative regions for which UKCrimeStats calculates totals. The field area_type can be any one of the following, which are the types of administrative regions we currently track. These same area types are used in the method "crime".

  • policeforce
  • neighbourhood
  • cty (county council)
  • ced (county ward)
  • dis (district council)
  • diw (district ward)
  • gla (london assembly)
  • lac (london assembly constituency)
  • lbo (london borough)
  • lbw (london borough ward)
  • mtd (metropolitan district)
  • mtw (metropolitan ward)
  • uta (unitary authority)
  • ute (unitary authority electoral division)
  • utw (unitary authority ward)
  • wac (welsh assembly constituency)
  • wae (welsh assembly region)
  • wmc (westminster constituency)
  • postcode_sector
  • postcode_district
  • postcode_area
  • lsoa
  • msoa
  • workzone


        "name": "Mid and West Wales",
        "id": "W10000002"
        "name": "North Wales",
        "id": "W10000001"
        "name": "South Wales West",
        "id": "W10000003"
        "name": "South Wales East",
        "id": "W10000005"
        "name": "South Wales Central",
        "id": "W10000004"

Crime Totals for Area


Gives totals by type of crime within an administrative regions for one month.


  • area_type: type of area (see above for list of area types)
  • id: the official code, which can be gotten from the first query - for instance, W10000001 would be used for North Wales.
  • month: Month of a year in the format YYYY-MM, for example, 2018-03. The earliest month for which we have data is 2010-12 for England and Wales and 2011-09 for Northern Ireland, (Scotland does not release monthly data for crime,) and the latest month can be found at


    "asb": "917",
    "burglary": "112",
    "robbery": "9",
    "vehicle": "41",
    "violent": "1177",
    "shoplifting": "113",
    "criminal_damage_and_arson": "349",
    "other_theft": "170",
    "drugs": "109",
    "bike_theft": "19",
    "theft_from_the_person": "7",
    "weapons": "20",
    "public_order": "294",
    "other": "86",
    "total": "3423"

The crime types returned may vary based on the month requested as they have changed twice.

Crime Totals for Postcode Radius



  • id: the postcode (Without a space following the postcode district, i.e. W1D1AL)
  • radius: radius in miles. Options are: 1, 0.5, 0.25
  • month: the month in the format YYYY-MM, for example, 2018-03

example: https://ukcrimestats/api/crime/postcode/W1D1AL/0.5/2020-05/key=ncc1701d

    "asb": "253",
    "burglary": "30",
    "robbery": "3",
    "vehicle": "12",
    "violent": "63",
    "shoplifting": "10",
    "criminal_damage_and_arson": "11",
    "other_theft": "23",
    "drugs": "138",
    "bike_theft": "22",
    "theft_from_the_person": "21",
    "weapons": "1",
    "public_order": "10",
    "other": "3",
    "total": "600"

Crime Rank for Postcode Radius


Provides percentile ranking for total crime for the most recent 12 months of data


  • id: the postcode
  • radius: radius in mile. Options are: 1, 0.5, 0.25

example: https://ukcrimestats/api/crime_rate_rank/postcode/W1D1AL/0.25/key=ncc1701d

    "asb": "98.726",
    "burglary": "98.478",
    "robbery": "99.725",
    "vehicle": "98.338",
    "violent": "98.041",
    "shoplifting": "98.105",
    "criminal_damage_and_arson": "97.020",
    "other_theft": "99.588",
    "drugs": "99.453",
    "bike_theft": "99.061",
    "theft_from_the_person": "99.665",
    "weapons": "96.181",
    "public_order": "97.166",
    "other": "96.288",
    "total": "99.077"

Crime Rate Rank for Postcode Radius


Provides percentile ranking for crime rate for the most recent 12 months of data


  • id: the postcode
  • radius: radius in mile. Options are: 1, 0.5, 0.25

example: https://ukcrimestats/api/crime_rate_rank/postcode/W1D1AL/0.25/key=ncc1701d

    "asb": "35.989",
    "burglary": "64.437",
    "robbery": "71.635",
    "vehicle": "73.079",
    "violent": "23.423",
    "shoplifting": "35.465",
    "criminal_damage_and_arson": "19.767",
    "other_theft": "35.094",
    "drugs": "64.599",
    "bike_theft": "48.158",
    "theft_from_the_person": "53.116",
    "weapons": "41.787",
    "public_order": "26.349",
    "other": "19.146",
    "total": "29.103"


Crime Types

  • "asb": Includes personal, environmental and nuisance anti-social behaviour.
  • "burglary": Includes offences where a person enters a house or other building with the intention of stealing.
  • "robbery": Includes offences where a person uses force or threat of force to steal.
  • "vehicle": Includes theft from or of a vehicle or interference with a vehicle.
  • "violent": Includes offences against the person such as common assaults, Grievous Bodily Harm and sexual offences.
  • "shoplifting": Includes theft from shops or stalls. (Since 2011-11)
  • "criminal_damage_and_arson": Includes damage to buildings and vehicles and deliberate damage by fire. (Since 2011-11)
  • "other_theft": Includes theft by an employee, blackmail and making off without payment. (Since 2011-11)
  • "drugs": Includes offences related to possession, supply and production. (Since 2011-11)
  • "public_disorder_and_weapons": Combined public order and weapons below. (2011-11 to 2013-04)
  • "bike_theft": Includes the taking without consent or theft of a pedal cycle. (Since 2013-05)
  • "theft_from_the_person": Includes crimes that involve theft directly from the victim (including handbag, wallet, cash, mobile phones) but without the use or threat of physical force. (Since 2013-05)
  • "weapons": Includes possession of a weapon, such as a firearm or knife. (Since 2013-05)
  • "public_order": Includes offences which cause fear, alarm or distress. (Since 2013-05)
  • "other": Includes forgery, perjury, other miscellaneous crime, and categories that did not exist at the time that the data was released.
  • "total": Combined total of all crime and anti social behaviour.